Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Things of interest this New Year's Eve

1. When Gpa Danny pours a bowl of cereal only to find out that there is no milk to put in it - he doesnt hesitate to just use hazelnut coffee creamer and a little water to get the job done.

2. Children should not be left unattended around Christmas tree bulbs. Total losses due to Dylan's selective hearing: 3.

3. Men shouldnt be allowed to de-trim the Christmas tree. Total loss of bulbs, ornaments and figurine snowmen: at least 6 ornaments and one snowman painted by the late, great Billy Erickson. The Bose was also almost a casualty, but was saved by a storage bin lid.

4. The pizza at Happy Joe's was excellent last night. Crust was just right.

5. The meat and cheese platter for tonight is slowly becoming a "cheese only" affair.

6. We will be celebrating the New Year at 8pm sharp.

7. Kelli's shirt smells like strawberry flavored fish - she would like to thank Addi for that.

8. Eastend and Westend probably won't be coming out today. They must get their rest.

9. Its Family Day/Pajama Day/Honduran Soccer Team day.

10. Boogers are an acceptable fashion accessory for your hair on New Years Eve.

11. Scrabble, Out. Banana-grams, In.

12. Hillman MN apparently got 17 inches of snow in the last 48 hours according to someone named "Boone-nation." I'll believe when I see it.

13. The tv said it was 26 degrees below zero this morning here. No "snow-mobeein'" today, Dylan.

14. On this New Years Eve, I am pondering - "will I have the only 2009 baby in this family?"

15. You don't have to answer the phone if you are doing any of the following: nothing, eating, playing games, watching tv, playing or sleeping.

We'll end it at 15. We could keep going, but I have a feeling the "things of interest" would start to become increasingly less interesting as we went further and further.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Round Up

Well now that Christmas is over, I feel like I have more time to update the blog. Not that I didnt have time before, but i think a break from my internet work was needed. I had better things to eat cookies, take pictures and do a whole lot of nothing. We went to Gma and Gpa Puppy's house in Aberdeen the Friday before Christmas. Dylan enjoyed being the center of attention since Nattie and Daniel were too cool to come until Christmas Eve. Anyway, we did some baking, shopping, teeth cleaning, wii-ing, picture taking, eating, lazin' about, movie watching and playing in the days before Christmas. Once Nattie and Daniel showed up, Dylan enjoyed playing with them and showering them with hugs and kisses - much to Daniel's dismay. Apparently he doesn't like kisses from his cousin D! Or anyone for that matter. Christmas was well recieved by the kiddies and they thoroughly enjoyed opening all their presents and helping everyone else open too. There were a lot of delays as they had to play with each new present for awhile before moving on to the next. Well, Dylan and Nattie did anyway. Daniel spent most of his time wandering around and trying to master the stairs. We then left on Friday afternoon to go home for a night to check on Mills before heading to Maple Lake. And that is where we are residing at now. So far we've just been doing much of the same...eating, lazin' about, child wrangling, playing, complaining about boredom and getting little sleep. Miss Adelyn has been entertaining us with her kitty cat like sounds. Kelli calls her kitty. Shes a good baby who rarely cries....if only I could be so lucky. We'll see! We will be finding out if the baby is a he or a she on January 9th! So post your guesses now!

Heres a few links to our recent pics (I'm not even going to bother with uploading to blogger!):

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Collage

(For those of you who receive email updates when this blog has a new post, my apologies!  Your letter is in the mail and you will see what I am up to when it arrives.)  

For all of our new visitors who have received our letter this year - welcome!  Please click on the collage to make it bigger.  For those who would like to print the collage (grandparents, obsessed aunties, Uncle Tommy) please follow the link to Flickr.  Once there, look above the picture of the collage and find the button that says, "all sizes." Click on that and then choose the "original size" and download that.  It should be on your computer then.  Then you may print it out from there.  I suggest doing it at your place of business - they owe you, right?!  

Happy Holidays everyone!  

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bump Watch!

Here's a bump update for you all.  I'm 15 weeks today, so I thought I'd take a pic.  Only 5 more weeks and I'll be half way done with this crap!  Today, I counted FIVE underground zits (ya know, the giant painful kind that never come to surface, but look and feel like crap) on my face.  FIVE.  I mean, is that really necessary?  Seriously, five?  Anyway, she/he is coming along nicely - apparently bones are forming this week.  Break out the milk and cheese! Oh and also 5 more weeks until we know if we have a she or a he.  Anyway, enjoy the pics.  I also included a few of Dyls from the past few days.  He made me ride the sled with him and wanted mommy to lay on her belly and zoom across the ice like he did.  Yeah, not happening this year!  And also a pic of Dilly painting.  He's been wanting to do that pretty often lately....such a fun cleanup.  NOT!  Ok, thats all! 

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Well, our first winter storm is upon us!  Forecast was/is calling for 8-12 inches, and I think we probably have 8 or more by now.  Just thought we'd feature it here in the blog.  Not much else is going on today...just holed up in the house.  We did go to church this morning (not my idea, but crazy Erics....driving in a blizzard is ALWAYS a good idea) and they were having their Christmas program.  At one point, baby Jesus disappeared from the stage and Dylan says to us (and everyone within earshot), "where'd baby Jesus go?!?"  So that was our funny for the day.  Tonight we are grilling (another crazy Eric idea) some brats and baking some onion rings, so this pregnant mama can't wait!  : )  Dont worry, I worked out today.  It's all good.

This is a drift....the actual depth is not that much.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"It's the holiday season!"

I can finally flaunt my decor and tree with no misgivings!  No one can give me crap now for my lights, my cookies, my music or my carol singing sprite (Dylsie).  As soon as we got back from Maple Lake, the totes came out (ok, truth be told, there were already in the house...warming up...) and were promptly unloaded.  Then on Monday, I demanded we go purchase our tree.  So now we are all decked out for Christmas.  "I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it!"-with the holiday season!  Oh yeah, its finally here!  (No, I'm not drunk.  I wish.)

I was going to post pics here, but as you all have come to know, Blogger is the crappiest website to upload pics to and I have had enough!  So, for your viewing pleasure, please click on the following link for a picture extravaganza courtesy of my friend, Flickr - a site that does NOT suck. Included are Thanksgiving weekend pictures, pictures of Dylsie being cute and our tree decorating partay.  Enjoy!

P.S.  Blogger, I still hate you, as I just tried to copy and paste the link and you wouldn't allow it to happen.  I had to type that address in manually and I am NOT HAPPY.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Black Friday

Well, while all you suckers are out there fighting the crowds, we're in "middle of nowhere" northern MN and unable to join in all that fun. There's talk of a visit to the Grand Forks Target later on though! Woohoo! Civilization! The kiddies are browsing the Target ad right now, dreaming of new toys. "Ooooh look at that!" - they keep repeating. I felt the same way about the 99 cent mittens. Woohoo! Score! They better still have them when I get there!

Well, Turkey Day was pretty uneventful. Jamie still hasnt gone into labor and that was supposed to be the main attraction. Not the labor, the baby! Get your heads out of the gutter! So we're still waiting for that. The day was spent eating random junk food and sitting around saying, "what can we do???" (Reed started it tho, "Mommy, what can I do?" I said, "My sentiments exactly, Reed.") Eric, Danny and I went for a drive around the lake and baby number 2 felt the need to remind that he/she is still there with a lovely bout of nausea. Riding in the backseat probably didnt help. Then when we got back, we found that nothing had happened while we were gone. The boys and Lisa and Kelli went ice skating and the pregnant ladies and the younger kids laid down. Very exciting stuff, I know. Then at 6pm or so, we ate. No one was able to finish their plates, as we all ate a ton of crap while waiting for the food to be done. That seems to happen every year. Oh well. Then, after the kids went to bed, we watched a lame Christmas movie (Fred Claus) and that was it. Don't be jealous of our Turkey Day. Like you all did anything fun! I know that the Carson family Thanksgiving had to be a huge snooooooze fest. I just know it! And if it wasnt, I hope you all enjoy your hangovers today. HA! Take that.

If you are wondering why there are no pictures, it is because my camera battery died and I didnt bring the charger. Oh well. It seems that baby isnt coming anyway and that was the main reason I wanted the camera along. I did get some cute pics of the kiddies out on the ice playing before it died tho. Imagine their smiling faces as they got pulled on a sled across the ice by their dads wearing ice skates. Also, picture Eric coming to a halting stop at one point and falling down. I managed to catch it! Hahahahhaha! Oh and you will also be dazzled by some tricks performed by Kelli and myself. Imagine them now please - shoot the duck, arabesque, etc. All with beautiful form.

Well, thats it for now. Please enjoy this new background. Its legal now. And coming next week - pics of our holiday decor!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

Well, to start our weekend, we woke up Friday morning to find we had no hot water.  Actually, no water coming out of the hot faucets at all!  We determined that our pipes had froze in the night!  So a good portion of Friday was spent strategically placing space heaters, reading up on the internet about frozen pipes, stressing, running cold water, stressing and repeating the process until finally they unfroze and the hot water came back.  We determined that shutting of the vents in the storage room and guest bathroom were the likely culprits.  Live and learn, I guess.  We just hope that keep those vents open is enough to prevent it from happening again.  We shall see!  

Edit: I realized that i got distracted and didnt finish telling about the weekend.  Geez, im losing it!  Anyway, then on Saturday we went to the Brainerd and did a bit of shopping and had lunch.  Yesterday we went to church and had a big brunch afterwards.  Twas tasty.  Then in the afternoon, I went out to the garage to find the timer for the lights (Eric was right, we do have one) and Dylan helped peek through the Christmas boxes.  You can guess what happened - a small amount of decor and toys had to come in with us.  He got out some of the singing toys (Santa no longer sings or dances due to his unfortunate seizure last year, so Dylan is upset and wanting a new one) and a few other decorations.  He is just as excited as I am to decorate!  And he keeps singing Christmas songs, making it even harder to resist decorating.  My favorites are when he sings, "its the holiday season!"  and "you better not cry, you better not pout, im tellin' you why!"  He knows Santa is coming!  So far, it doesnt work as a threat to behave better tho.  Maybe next year!  Ok, update complete!

Here is a lovely picture of a recent sunset.  I like it, so i took a pic of it. 

Heres our handsome man playing in his playroom.  I liked his shirt, so i took a pic of it.

Here is DD and his trees.  He likes em, so I took a pic of them.  And finally, here is my 12 week belly pic.  Its just bloating, but still, a belly.

P.S.  Blogger, i still hate you.  I cant figure out why this is underlined.  I didnt do it and I cant figure out how to un-do it.  Blogger, you SUCK!

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Well, I just finished putting up our icicle lights in the front yard.  I strung them on the deck and I think it looks rather lovely, if I don't say so myself!  And I am mighty pleased with my planning this year....I opened up the Christmas lights box and found a package of new icicle lights and new outdoor extension cords.  Apparently I DID hit up the after Christmas outdoor lighting sale last year!  So, it all worked out splendidly.  Eric also informs me that I bought a timer for them too...have yet to find that tho.  Hmm.  I also got out my little potted Christmas trees ("my trees!" - Chevy Chase.  That is for Susan, who was amused by my quest to find them at a good price last year.  I came home defeated by all the Black Friday nutjobs who had snatched them out from under me and exclaimed, "my trees!"  Ok, probably not funny to all the other readers, but I know she will appreciate it.  I did end up getting them after Christmas for less than 20 bucks - score!).  We decided that we are going to try them out inside and see how we like them.  So far, I like them.  Dylan came down from his nap and said, "Oh wow!  Christmas!  Look at the lights!"  

Next week, the main event begins....the rest of the Christmas decor.  Eric happily got it all down off the shelves in the garage for me, so its all ready to go!  Its going to be glorious!

Thats it for now from us!  

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Breaking News!

Dylan is asleep in his big boy car bed for the very first time!  Extra, extra, read all about it!  Eric tried to get him to nap in it yesterday and it was unsuccessful.  He tried again today and it took!  He's even been sleeping for 2 hours!  Which is unheard of in DD land these days!  An hour is what he's been averaging lately.  I spoze now that I have typed this, he's waking up - so I better go!  

Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Recap

Greetings readers!

Well, we spent yet another weekend in the cities.  It seems we can't quite get enough of that place, huh?  Why did we ever move?  Just kidding!  When Dyls and I got home last night, it was so nice to walk in our door and feel instantly relaxed.  And my lovely candle from Illume (thanks Auntie Renae!) was giving off its holiday berry-ish smell as we walked in.  We even got snow while we were gone!  The holidays are almost here!  

Anyway, back to the weekend.  The whole reason we went to the cities was b/c Eric had a bachelor party to go to.  They played touch football (had to tell about that cuz I think its funny).  I think they all must think they are NOT in their 30's.  They are in denial.  And then they went downtown to relive their single days and got kicked out of the bar.  Eric said he was pleased that they got to leave.  Ahhhh, theres the man I love!  

So what did DD and I do, you ask?  Well, D played with Nattie and Daniel, whom he loves to bits.  Daniel isn't so fond of DD getting all up in his grill.  Dylan loves to give Daniel kisses, but Daniel doesn't want any part of it.  And he and Natalie seem to be playing with each other more and more now.  Before, they just played beside each other.  This time, they enjoyed coloring with one another a lot.  It was cute b/c they were sharing the crayons so nicely and saying "thank you" and "your welcome" to each other.  They also watched cartoons side by side on the couch with a blanket covering them.  Renae must post the pic!  

I spent a good portion of the weekend searching for a dress to wear to Eric's company's holiday party.  This mission was almost a complete bust until the last half hour of searching.  I almost didn't even go in the store that I found the dress at, but I'm glad I did.  I think it will work well for the growing bump.  Now all I need are some accessories!

Well, not much more to tell you people today.  Eric is still gone (surprised???) and won't be back until tonight, so its just me and little D today.  Who knows what kinda shenanigans we'll be up to today.  HA!  Later!

Thursday, November 13, 2008



(pictures aren't clickable, once again)

Please feel free to contact Blogger with any complaints, for this is not my fault.  

Picture bonanza!

Heres a nice smorgasboard of pics for you all!  The first and second to last pics are for my mom.  Don't these popovers make ya proud?!  These usually are a big flop (as in, they dont rise up and look like rocks) but this time they were picture worthy and belly worthy.  We have eaten almost all of them.  Over half were consumed with dinner last night.  Seriously good.

The pics of the boy with peanut butter all over his face are for Grandpa Puppy.  Dylan has been loving apples lately and is used to eating smaller ones.  And when I say he eats them, I mean he actually eats the whole thing.  Like down to the core and sometimes eats the core.  Although, usually I'll find the core or bits of the core under a chair or something.  If only he'd get the concept down of the garbage can being used for garbage.  The other day I found the pillowcases I had just washed and neatly folded - in the garbage can.  Thanks Dylan!  Anyway, Grandpa Puppy had brought some GIANT apples for us to eat and so I figured I'd better cut these up for him instead of just handing him the whole apple.  So we were standing in the kitchen enjoying a nice snack together when I suggested that we eat them like Grandpa does - with peanut butter on them!  That was met with a very enthusiastic YEAH!!!  So we got out the PB and went to town.  And as you can see from the pics, it was a hit.  The apple went to the wayside tho and he decided that all he wanted was the PB.  How could I blame the kid tho - peanut butter is the sweetest nectar from the gods.  Or the nuts.  Whatever.  Anyway, those pics are for you Grandpa!

And lastly, you will see that a) our snow and ice melted and b) our dock is now out and is done for.  Oh and c) we should have just left the piece of crap in the water - it would have been better off there.  Now we have to look at the ugly, craptastic thing all winter long.  So, since the poles all got bent, it looks like we are in the market for a new dock.  I'm just upset cuz there went my ice skating bench!  See!  I knew we should have just left it in!  My ideas are genius!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mother Nature, 1; Eric, 0

Well Eric finally returned yesterday and arrived home to find that the dock is now in its final resting place for the winter.  In the lake.  While he was gone, it was colder than cold and the lake started to freeze yesterday morning.  Then it snowed.  So he got home and determined that it just wasn't going to happen.  So we're leaving it in.  I think it will be a lovely bench for when we need to take an ice skating break!  So, keep your fingers crossed that she makes it thru the winter and is still usable next summer!  Here are some pics from yesterday too.  DD was pretty excited about the snow and trying out his new shovel.  Milly even came out to frolic in the snow!  

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Broken Record

Here is yet another "Eric is gone; we're bored; I have morning sickness; Dylan is destroying the house" post.  Yes, you read that right - once again, Eric is gone for another 5 day stint.  We're beginning to think he no longer likes us.  If its not work, its play.  This time he's off deer hunting (he doesn't even like deer hunting - proof that my theory is right) and won't be back until Tuesday.  So D and I are here alone again trying not to die of boredom.  Its colder than cold outside and as you'll see from the pics below, we got a teeny amount of snow.  It was enough to entertain Dylan for a good 10 minutes or so, but then we decided it was way too cold to be standing out there.  Perhaps if there would have been enough snow to say, build a snowman, then maybe.  But we figured it wasn't worth it.  Besides, Dylan is against gloves, so his fingers were about to fall off.  Wind chill is a bad, bad thing.  So, since then, we've been holed up indoors looking at toy catalogs, watching cartoons (Elmo Potty time has been watched 3 times and still has not influenced him enough to make a difference.  I thought we were close today but turned out he already went in his pants. Crap.  Literally.), and Dylan has been slowing trying to kill me and destroy the house.  The morning sickness seems to let up for a few days and then come back with a vengeance for a day to show me who's boss.  Ok, I get it, baby, you are boss.  Just stop making me feel like crap.  Anywho, back to Dylan.  When he's not busy turning on every single light in the house (seriously, EVERY light), he's dragging out all of his toys one by one, playing with them for maybe a minute at the most and then moving on to drag out another toy and repeating the process.  However, this makes for a nice end of the day activity when we are able to eat up a good half hour playing "clean up, clean up."  At least he provides me with entertainment though.  A good naked run after bath time never ceases to amuse me!  And the kiss and hug before bed is always a nice ending to these long days.  I just wish Eric was here to enjoy it all with me.  Oh well.  I know I'm not the only hunting widow out there (Hi Lu Lu!).  Well, hope you are all enjoying your weekend.  Thats it for me.  Its nap time, so I gotta shower and lay down before it's too late!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My, what an adorable little bean you have there!

Or shrimp, or seahorse or baby girl - whatever you want to call her.  Here "she" is!  Measuring right on schedule and heart just a beatin' away!  "Her" head is on the left I believe.  I think the little appendage you see sticking out by the head is one of her arms.  Eric claims one of the others is a penis, but what does he know!  The 2 pics are basically the same, but I thought I'd post them both anyway.  She is still due around June 7th - despite what that first pic says.  Apparently the ultrasound machine is a little wacky sometimes.  Anyway, please oooh and ahhh at her, she likes that.  Oh and she likes praise in the form of comments too, lurkers!  

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Elmo trick or treating

Well, once again, Blogger appears to be trying to make me angry - so you'll have to bear with me.  These pictures are in backwards order - the last picture is the first picture, and the first picture was supposed to be last.  I'm going to blame Blogger for the delay in updating this blog.  They need to work on their site.  Cuz its LAME.

Here is Dylan at my Aunt Nancy's house.  He didn't like their big dog, so he was not into trick or treating there.  People should learn that big dogs are not cool.  They are annoying.  And they ruin photo opps - hence, the lack of photos taken here.
D and Channy at Great Gpa Howard's house.  Dylan still hasn't mastered "taking A bite" and shoved the entire piece of candy in his mouth.  See the chocolate-y evidence?

Dylan's first trick or treat experience at Great Gpa Howards.
Walking to G. Gpa Howard's with Auntie Lulu and Channy.
Starting out on his first trick or treating adventure - Elmo!  

I'd type more, but Elmo is on my last nerve at the moment screaming and crying for no reason, yet again.  So for those who are disappointed in the lack of info on the weekend and the last few days - call Sesame Street and have Elmo arrested or put in time out for bad behavior.  

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkalin carving!

Well, we carved pumpkalins last night.  For those not familiar, thats what DD calls pumpkins.  Its too cute to correct, so I don't.  He just has the sweetest little voice.  Hard to resist him! Anyway, here we are carvin' and colorin' away!
DD coloring his pumpkalin
Checking out the inside
Time for a dance break!

Time to carve!
And here is the finished product!  DD was pretty excited to come downstairs this morning and see it again.  He even insisted on giving his pumpkalin a hug!  

Sunday, October 26, 2008

First snow

The first snowflakes of the year are falling this morning here at Sullivan Lake.  Nothing is accumulating, thank goodness, but it sure has caught Dylan's attention.  "I want to go out there, Daddy."  "We'll go out there later, Dylan."  "I don't want to go later, Daddy."  Its only 36 degrees out, so I think we'll be stalling on going out for as long as possible.  However.....I think I MIGHT make an exception and go get a newspaper - because I can!  The road is now paved and open for use.  They will be putting another layer down tomorrow (rain prevented them from finishing up on Friday) and I believe they will be striping the road then as well.  Eric is not impressed with the job they did on the entrance to our driveway though.  He is planning to complain if it is not completed more to his liking.  Basically, it appears that they just dumped a little sandy dirt on to each driveway, smoothed it out a bit and then called it good.  Its not very good.  So anyway, they better fix it or Eric is gonna kick some construction butts!  Yeah.  

Both Eric and I were sick this weekend.  Me with morning sickness as usual and Eric with some unknown bug caught on either the airplane back from Connecticut or from one of his gross co-workers.  We can't escape them even when he doesn't physically work with them anymore!  Geez!  So he's been spending most of his time in the bathroom and I've been on the couch.  Dylan has made good use of this time by scouring his favorite toy catalogs over and over and over again.  He particularly loves the Fleet Farm one and you can certainly tell by looking at it.  Its a little ragged around the edges.  He likes to say, "Look it, Mommy!  Look at this!  Look it, Daddy!  Looooook!"  He has even picked out what he wants to buy with his gift card that Auntie Susan gave him for his birthday.  I sense a Target run in our near future!  Woohoo!  If only the morning sickness would grant me a free pass day.  Please, let this happen.  Please.  

Thats it for today.  Keep warm, people.  Winter is coming.  Blah.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The news you have all been waiting for!

The bridge is OPEN!  Its not technically "done" yet, but we are able to use it now.  They should be getting started with paving the road soon we hope.  We'll keep you posted.  We know how much this means to our city visitors - shaves a whole 12 minutes off your trip!

Well, it was brought to my attention by Auntie 'Nae that I had not posted about Dylan's 2 year check up stats.  Bad mommy!!  So here's the info:   

Dylan is: 

34 1/2 inches tall (80th percentile)
26 pounds (50th percentile)

I thought there was  head measurement listed on this sheet, but I guess not.  His head is large.  There, now you all know!  He sure has come a long way in 2 years.  He started out at 21 1/2 inches and 8 pounds 5 ounces.  Crazy!  And to think that his new baby sister is a 1/2 inch long now!  She's got a lot of catching up to do.

Yes, I'm throwing my prediction out there.  Its a girl.  How do I know, you ask?  Well, judging by the fact that I had NO morning sickness at all with Dylan (a boy, duh!), one would have to think that this must be a girl in my belly.  Cuz I definitely have morning sickness this time and it BLOWS!  That and my mother's intuition (which was right with Dylan, I might add) tells me that this is the case too.  We shall see in January if I am right!  

Thats it for now!  

Adios Goodbye!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Another weekend away.

Well, we were at Jon and Renae's again this past weekend.  We were there to celebrate Daniel's 1st birthday!  I suppose I can no longer call him "baby Daniel" as he is now a big boy.  Sigh!  Anyway, DD had lots of fun playing with all the kids - especially Jenson, who was his playing "slave" all weekend long.  We ate lots of food, hung out, did a bit of shopping, visited Melissa and Andy's abode, celebrated Big D's bday and also visited a pumpkin "patch."  Here are a couple of pics from the "patch." 
You just know that D has to pull the wagon.  I like to ride.
I want this pumpkalin, Mom!
And this was today.  I had him try on his new coat and hat and wouldnt ya know it - they match his snow boots!  Stylin'!  He seemed to like his new coat and called himself "cute" when he saw himself.  He insisted that I take a timer picture of us.  Apparently, my ploy to get more pictures of the two of us is paying off!  Problem is that its always when I look like pooooo.  Oh well.

Thats it for now.  Eric is in Connecticut (for those wondering, yes, DD will say Connecticut too) until Wednesday night, so its been kinda lame without him.  However, the road seems to be coming along swimmingly, so thats been some good entertainment for us.  We sat out on a cooler for a good hour today watching the semi's go by with dirt.  His idea, not mine.