Friday, March 18, 2011

St Patty's Day shenanigans

Nothing says St Patty's Day like Vegan Samoa Cookies???  Its a stretch.  But the cookies WERE a nice touch for yesterday.  Avos clearly agreed.

DSC 5596

How could she NOT?  These were delicious!

DSC 5603

You can find the recipe here.  Loved these!

DSC 5605

Dylan was a fan as well.  Not that I didn't think he would be.

DSC 5608

In the afternoon, my friend Cindy and her two kids came over for some St Patty's Day shenanigans.  The kids enjoyed dancing to a Zumba instructor dvd.  It got turned off at one point and there was a protest of sorts.  The people love their BOOMBA!

DSC 5612

Then we tried to take a group photo and wouldn't ya know it - Avos got mad!  What?!

DSC 5622

She seriously cracks me up.  She was mad for no reason at all!  I like how Dylan is amused by all of this.  For a moment or two, I thought he was thinking of cheating on Melissa with Cindy!  Wuh-oh!  No worries tho Melissa - he made you a new picture yesterday.  You're still his number one gal!

DSC 5623

Thanks for hangin' out with us for the afternoon, C-dawg!  It was fun!

DSC 5624

Well, thats all for now. No real plans have been made for today other than an afternoon Zumba class.  I've hit up 3 different instructor's classes here so far and will hit up another gal's class today.  Its been fun but also confusing as I hear a lot of the same songs but with different choreography.  I must look like a crazy person trying to adapt!  Oh well!  Its fun seeing the different styles of instructors.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Dylan, Avery and I are at my parents house for the week.  I think I said that in my last post?  Its been awhile.  Sorry about that!  I get distracted when out of my normal habitat.  I'll work on it.  I know a certain someone who was probably fighting the urge to call me and ask what the problem was.  His name starts with a D, ends with a Y and has ANN in the middle. He's very loyal, but also a slave driver.  I ought to make him do a guest post so he can see what this takes.  Ha!

Anyway, when we were here at Christmas, Dylan had brought along a gingerbread train to construct with Grandma.  Well, once again, we were distracted by other activities and it was forgotten.  Have no fear!  The St Paddy's Day Gingerbread train is here!  Woo woo!

DSC 5534DSC 5552

Avery's first braid!  I distracted her with candy to get the job done.  Very sneaky.

DSC 5553

And she lobbied for MORE, MORE, MORE!

DSC 5559

I've been working on my Zumba routine this week and my Mom's been giving me shit for my "hair cutting face" that I apparently have when I'm dancing (aka, thinking).  HERE is HER "hair cutting face."  HA!  Take that, Mom!

DSC 5561DSC 5569

Dylan loves coming here because he gets to watch lots of TV with Grandpa.  Yesterday I came home from Zumba class to find him watching Modern Family.  Ummmmm.  ??????

DSC 5578

Finished product - prior to the gradual deterioration we've been watching the past few days.  (sneaky fingers.  For the record, this is all NEW candy - not the crap that came with the train)

DSC 5582DSC 5583

When we got here, we were amazed by the snow!  We don't have this much.  So I took pics of it.  Its melted a lot though since we've been here.

DSC 5538DSC 5540

You can't even see the mailbox!

DSC 5541

I made him go out and stand by the snow bank for perspective purposes.  He didn't want to.

DSC 5544

He's wearing my shoes.

DSC 5548

This guy flew in from Texas.  He'll be flying to White Earth Lake in May or so.

DSC 5543

Up to no good?  Always.

DSC 5587

Today's lunch = delish.  This is Rachael Ray's French Style Tuna Melt.  It was so good that I ate TWO of what you see here.  TWO.  Plus chips.

DSC 5588

And finally, Dylan wanted a picture of his ice cream from tonight.  Fancy!

DSC 5595

Tomorrow I'm planning to make some vegan Samoa cookies.  Can't bring myself to buy processed girl scout cookies, so these better live up to my high expectations!




Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mr Slapshot

I cannot figure out how to post a video, so please follow the link.  Surely there is a way, but my patience is lacking right now.  The kids and I are off to Aberdeen for a week while Eric works long hours this week in preparation to go play with his friends at the Final Five hockey tournaments in Minneapolis this coming weekend.  Trishy no likey long amounts of time alone!  So, off we go to Grandmas.  Here is a video for your viewing pleasure by Eric.


OH and please excuse Avery's morning time hair.  I purposely included her in the video clip b/c of its funny-ness!