Thursday, May 19, 2011

Be jelly

Don't be jelly - but its been a glorious week of weather at the lake!  We had to break out the lemonade to toast our good fortune!

DSC 6639

Our neighbor Larry provided the entertainment when he put his dock in.  Very exciting stuff.

DSC 6641DSC 6647DSC 6648

Definitely quality entertainment.

DSC 6650

You must take a moment and admire my pretty flowers.  I'm a sucker for Gerbera Daisies.  I get them every year.

DSC 6653

I'm also a fan of these ones cuz I like purple.  What they are called, I have no idea!

DSC 6654

And once my tomato plants getting rolling, I'm going to be having a lot of caprese salad with this delish basil.  Dylan keeps sticking his nose in it and breathing in deeply.  I taught him that. ; )

DSC 6655

What I really need to be planting is spinach considering I can clean out a giant tub of it in a week or less.  My Vitamix rules so hard!  This Green Monster was especially good - Tera's Whey Dark Chocolate Protein Powder, 2 giant handfuls of spinach, 1 TB natural crunchy peanut butter, 1 frozen banana and almond milk.  It was like a chocolate peanut butter shake. And I'm not joking.  Dylan was like, "MOM!  You need to make it like this EVERY time."

DSC 6659

Why he is screaming at me after that delicious smoothie, I have no idea!  He was mad though that I caught a picture of him screaming and then laughed to myself.

DSC 6661

Playing on their swingset.  They've really been enjoying it a lot lately.

DSC 6664

Avery is such a little lady though.  Everything must be clean and not "messy!"  She insists on getting her hands and feet wiped when they get dirty.  But yet, she refuses her shoes a lot???  And picks up wet sand???  I don't get it.

DSC 6668

This makes me laugh because Milly looks like she's posing for the picture.  Ok, now tilt your head a little bit this way, Mux.  Perfect!

DSC 6669

Well I'm off to watch what I think is the season finale of The Office.  What will we do without all our shows?!  Kidding.  Later!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Catch Up

Miss us?  I don't know whaaa happened but somehow a week has gone by since my last post!  Whoops!  And sorry to tell you this, but I'm sure this will be the norm now that the weather is FINALLY getting better.  Allow me to catch you up on the cute things the kiddies have been doing in the last week via pictures.  I know, its just SHOCKING that I took pictures.

Check it out - our first lunch outside this year!  Woohoo!  They were pretty excited about it too.

DSC 6550

Followed by the first "lets get soaked by the hose" session.  I hate it when my clothes are wet, so I just don't get this.  But they love it.

DSC 6553

Miss Pete Repeat (a derivative of Sneaky Pete, one of her other nicknames).  She saw Dylan do this, so of course she had to do it too.

DSC 6558

And here she's copying me.  I often wear one of these to protect my hair from the sun.  She wears hers to be cute. : )

DSC 6559

Hose is still running. : \

DSC 6562

Love this picture of her wavy hair and tan skin.  I think its safe to say that we all have a pretty good base tan already. ; )

DSC 6567

Washing the mud off his bike.  All the rain we've had really made a mess of it so he was pretty excited to give it a bath.

DSC 6568

Avery's "milt" belly.

DSC 6570

Here they are checking out minnows and getting sucked on by leeches.

DSC 6574

Yep, leeches.  GROSSSSSSS!!!!!!  Does this stop them from continuing to go into the water there or walk on the dock (the suspected area of leech domain)?  NOPE.  Will I go in the water or on the dock?  NOPE.  I don't know what we're gonna do about the dock.  Its too old and crappy to raise up but the water does not seem to be going down.

DSC 6576DSC 6578DSC 6580

Dylan and his cat.  He's getting so much better at drawing!  Preschool this year really helped I think.

DSC 6582DSC 6584

Here's the first and last pic of this hummingbird feeder.  I got it all ready to hang, went in the house to turn on the oven and returned to find it shattered on the cement.  That will teach me to leave the string hanging down!  Avery grabbed the string and down it came.  Luckily it didn't land ON her.

DSC 6587

I got a green chair to go with my pink one from last year!  I figure I'll get a new one each year until I have several colors.  They are so comfy and pretty to look at!   Just wish I could find the matching foot stools.  I KNOW they exist.  Or they used to anyway.

DSC 6588

Back on the beach for more fun in the sand.  Note that Avery is willingly sporting pigtails!

DSC 6590DSC 6592

Doesn't it look relaxing?!

DSC 6593

Attempt at a brother/sister photo.

DSC 6595

One of these times I'll get one.  These pics make me SO glad summer is nearly here.  Summer pics always look so much better.

DSC 6596DSC 6597DSC 6598DSC 6599

And here I'm taking pics of Avery's hair.  I'm just so excited that she's finally somewhat willing to let me do her hair!  She even has little bangs now!

DSC 6612DSC 6620DSC 6621DSC 6622

Well, thats it for now.  I'm in the midst of potty training and an unsupervised pantless child is dangerous for carpets, chairs, couches and siblings.  She just had on her first pair of underwear and peed in them 2 minutes later.  Its a learning experience, right?!  Later!