Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Well, this past weekend I said goodbye to a dear friend of mine. She saw me through it all. Snowstorms, jerk drivers, rain, sleet, ice, maybe a little liquor consumption (rarely though, mom and dad. RARELY!). My lucky lady Liberty "Libby" was my go to gal for gettin' around Minneapolis as a single gal in the city. And now that we've got our two babes, we need more room than my Libby could provide for us. So it was with careful consideration that we chose Auntie Kelli to become Miss Libby's new companion. I know that they will get along well and that Libby will bring lots of luck and love to Kelli, as she did for me. Have fun girls! I want to hear all about what you crazy kids are up to and live vicariously through you! To see pics of the passing of Lady Liberty's torch, please visit our Shuttercal.

That is all for this week! One of these weeks, my little Squares will grow up and start napping by herself and I will have my life back to do with it what I please. Which I guess could mean that this blog could still possibly be neglected??? We'll see. ; )