Friday, September 5, 2008

The worlds most boring update.

Heres an exciting update - Dylan now has an ING account. Whooopeee, right?! I was supposed to spin this as an exciting update, but really - I don't think i can generate much excitement about this kinda thing. To each their own, i guess. Sorry Poppy - not many people find ING accounts as exciting as you do.

P.S. Gma Puppy is weird b/c she gave Dylan two dollars once, so his account balance is a weird number. Eric wanted you to know that Mom. HAHA Poppy!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'll add more soon...

There are just too many!  I would love to post them all....but theres around 400 of them!  After D goes to bed, I'll probably post a few more.

A few pics from the photographer!

Apparently I was wrong...

I guess there was some confusion on the "subscriber" thingy....looked into it and it wasnt working so i put a new one on.  This one appears to be fool proof.  

Pics soon!  And a new background!  And maybe some fun "tickers"!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Figured it out!

Ok, for people like my mom - there is a box to the right that will allow you to subscribe to the blog. Mom - this means that whenever I write something new, it will send you an email telling you that there is something new posted. So sign up! And i dont want to hear, "i have to create an account then! Waaaah" - just sign up!

Please be advised....

There WILL be pictures on this blog once we get home from gma and gpa's house. What kinda picture obsessed mom would I be if i didnt have copious amounts of pictures of DD and our fam on here! Just letting you know so you dont get discouraged and decide to not come back.

No other updates. OH but i will say that if this wind does not stop blowing, im going to shave my head. I dont think my hair has ever looked this bad. Not only is it bleached out and dry as a bone - it is now a lot like Bridget Jones hair when she and Hugh Grant take a ride in that convertible when they went on their mini break. I dont know if i'll ever get thru all the knots. I look like total crap.

Heres a fun update tho - we went to Happy Joes last night! Susan, eat your heart out!