Friday, January 2, 2009

Back home!!!

Well, after two weeks, we are finally back home.  And I am happy to report that Milly did NOT puke on the floor AT ALL!  However, her water dishes were bone dry - oops!  Lucky for her the toilet seats were up!  So we all survived the holidays and are happy to be back home.  The boys are outside playing in our fresh new blanket of snow (fresh to us, anyway) and we are to get another 6-10 inches tomorrow, I guess.  Eric brought his dad's snowmobile to live at our house, so I'm sure they will have fun riding around on it in our yard tomorrow.  I think I'll be staying inside to de-Christmas.  It's so weird how you can be sooooo excited to get all the decorations up and then you cannot wait to get them down!  

Here's a funny D story from yesterday.  We decided to take the kiddies to a movie yesterday afternoon (Dylan's first movie experience) and we should have known it wasn't going to go well from the beginning.  When we got in the car, Dylan couldn't contain his excitement about watching the movie.  "I'm going to see Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater and Mac...!!"  Uh oh!  He thought we were going to see Cars!  So we get there and get settled in with our popcorn.  I put Dylan on the seat next to me and it folded right back up with him in it.  Apparently he needs to gain a little weight before his next movie!  Anyway, the movie started and he was pretty excited by the atmosphere around him - the big screen, the popcorn, the dimmed lights.  Then the movie started and he was watching intently for quite awhile and asking a lot of questions.  "Who's that?"  "What are they doin' mama?"  "Oooooh a mouse!"  (We went to a movie about a mouse, the name of it slips my mind at the moment - cut me some slack, I've got pregnancy brain.) So about half the movie has gone by when he says, "Turn off the tv, Daddy.  Lets go get in the car."  LOL!  Apparently the mouse didn't captivate him enough!  So, as you can imagine, he was happy when the movie ended.  Actually, we were all happy when it was over.  It was NOT good.  

Well, I must get some food going before I pass out!  Later!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Things of interest this New Year's Eve

1. When Gpa Danny pours a bowl of cereal only to find out that there is no milk to put in it - he doesnt hesitate to just use hazelnut coffee creamer and a little water to get the job done.

2. Children should not be left unattended around Christmas tree bulbs. Total losses due to Dylan's selective hearing: 3.

3. Men shouldnt be allowed to de-trim the Christmas tree. Total loss of bulbs, ornaments and figurine snowmen: at least 6 ornaments and one snowman painted by the late, great Billy Erickson. The Bose was also almost a casualty, but was saved by a storage bin lid.

4. The pizza at Happy Joe's was excellent last night. Crust was just right.

5. The meat and cheese platter for tonight is slowly becoming a "cheese only" affair.

6. We will be celebrating the New Year at 8pm sharp.

7. Kelli's shirt smells like strawberry flavored fish - she would like to thank Addi for that.

8. Eastend and Westend probably won't be coming out today. They must get their rest.

9. Its Family Day/Pajama Day/Honduran Soccer Team day.

10. Boogers are an acceptable fashion accessory for your hair on New Years Eve.

11. Scrabble, Out. Banana-grams, In.

12. Hillman MN apparently got 17 inches of snow in the last 48 hours according to someone named "Boone-nation." I'll believe when I see it.

13. The tv said it was 26 degrees below zero this morning here. No "snow-mobeein'" today, Dylan.

14. On this New Years Eve, I am pondering - "will I have the only 2009 baby in this family?"

15. You don't have to answer the phone if you are doing any of the following: nothing, eating, playing games, watching tv, playing or sleeping.

We'll end it at 15. We could keep going, but I have a feeling the "things of interest" would start to become increasingly less interesting as we went further and further.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Round Up

Well now that Christmas is over, I feel like I have more time to update the blog. Not that I didnt have time before, but i think a break from my internet work was needed. I had better things to eat cookies, take pictures and do a whole lot of nothing. We went to Gma and Gpa Puppy's house in Aberdeen the Friday before Christmas. Dylan enjoyed being the center of attention since Nattie and Daniel were too cool to come until Christmas Eve. Anyway, we did some baking, shopping, teeth cleaning, wii-ing, picture taking, eating, lazin' about, movie watching and playing in the days before Christmas. Once Nattie and Daniel showed up, Dylan enjoyed playing with them and showering them with hugs and kisses - much to Daniel's dismay. Apparently he doesn't like kisses from his cousin D! Or anyone for that matter. Christmas was well recieved by the kiddies and they thoroughly enjoyed opening all their presents and helping everyone else open too. There were a lot of delays as they had to play with each new present for awhile before moving on to the next. Well, Dylan and Nattie did anyway. Daniel spent most of his time wandering around and trying to master the stairs. We then left on Friday afternoon to go home for a night to check on Mills before heading to Maple Lake. And that is where we are residing at now. So far we've just been doing much of the same...eating, lazin' about, child wrangling, playing, complaining about boredom and getting little sleep. Miss Adelyn has been entertaining us with her kitty cat like sounds. Kelli calls her kitty. Shes a good baby who rarely cries....if only I could be so lucky. We'll see! We will be finding out if the baby is a he or a she on January 9th! So post your guesses now!

Heres a few links to our recent pics (I'm not even going to bother with uploading to blogger!):