Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Things of interest this New Year's Eve

1. When Gpa Danny pours a bowl of cereal only to find out that there is no milk to put in it - he doesnt hesitate to just use hazelnut coffee creamer and a little water to get the job done.

2. Children should not be left unattended around Christmas tree bulbs. Total losses due to Dylan's selective hearing: 3.

3. Men shouldnt be allowed to de-trim the Christmas tree. Total loss of bulbs, ornaments and figurine snowmen: at least 6 ornaments and one snowman painted by the late, great Billy Erickson. The Bose was also almost a casualty, but was saved by a storage bin lid.

4. The pizza at Happy Joe's was excellent last night. Crust was just right.

5. The meat and cheese platter for tonight is slowly becoming a "cheese only" affair.

6. We will be celebrating the New Year at 8pm sharp.

7. Kelli's shirt smells like strawberry flavored fish - she would like to thank Addi for that.

8. Eastend and Westend probably won't be coming out today. They must get their rest.

9. Its Family Day/Pajama Day/Honduran Soccer Team day.

10. Boogers are an acceptable fashion accessory for your hair on New Years Eve.

11. Scrabble, Out. Banana-grams, In.

12. Hillman MN apparently got 17 inches of snow in the last 48 hours according to someone named "Boone-nation." I'll believe when I see it.

13. The tv said it was 26 degrees below zero this morning here. No "snow-mobeein'" today, Dylan.

14. On this New Years Eve, I am pondering - "will I have the only 2009 baby in this family?"

15. You don't have to answer the phone if you are doing any of the following: nothing, eating, playing games, watching tv, playing or sleeping.

We'll end it at 15. We could keep going, but I have a feeling the "things of interest" would start to become increasingly less interesting as we went further and further.


  1. comments and questions!!

    6. bedtime for kiddies---8:05???
    7. strawberry flavored fish?? What's Jammie feeding her??
    11. Bananagrams???
    14. hummmm, Lisa, Kelli???

    sounds like you're all having fun!!

  2. Some answers to the quesitons and comments:
    7.jamie gave her some fish oil--it's strawberry flavored. I just happend to be holding her and Addi got some on my shirt.
    11. It's a game grandpa D gave away for his elephant gift. It is a favorite for Tricia, Ryan, Jamie, and Beana if she's around. 14. Will most definately not be me!!! You better talk to Lulu.