Thursday, January 29, 2009

This just in...

We've been spared!  Eric's company made their layoffs today and Eric was NOT on the list.  Figured we'd let you all know since I'm sure you were all on the edge of your computer chairs waiting to find out.  I had written out a very fun 'tongue in cheek' newspaper article on the layoffs, but fear that might raise some eyebrows with people we don't want raising their eyebrows.  So just imagine that it was super funny, complete with quotes from the spared worker.  

That is all.

Monday, January 26, 2009

An update from us!

Thought I'd post some pics and tell you all a thing or two (if i can think of anything interesting, that is) since I haven't really done so a lot lately.  Here's Dylsie playing hockey last night.  He's got quite the slap shot nowadays.  If you aren't careful, that back swing will whack ya pretty hard!  My hand received quite a blow earlier today!  Oh and be sure to check out Dylan's cool new fort in the background.  Its TransFormers, which is lame, but it was all they had on in the clearance aisle, so we settled.  So far, both he and his cat are enjoying it.  Every time its set up, you can find Milly hanging out in there.  Weird cat.  And the other pics are of Dylsie being chased by the tickle monster and the dreaded "tickle fingers!"  He loves when we play this game and yells for us to stop tickling him and then 2 seconds later he'll be begging us to chase him and "do tickle fingers again!"  

And baby girl is doing well.  She has been throwing some wild parties in my uterus lately - so much so that her kicks can be felt on the outside now.  Eric got to feel her kick last night for the first time.  She's been a pretty busy little lady lately.  My blood sugar has been low lately and from what I hear, thats good news.  I was worried that it was not good, but apparently I must be doing everything right b/c my blood sugar is behaving more like a pregnant woman who does not have gestational diabetes.  So thats good news.  But no, that does NOT mean that I can go pig out at Happy Joes, so don't even suggest it people.  Its too hard of a thought to bear. 

Well I can't really think of anything else notable to tell you all.  Eric goes to the cities tomorrow to work, so we'll be pretty lonely around here.  I always hate it when he is gone, but I'm sure we'll manage.