Monday, April 27, 2009


Hundreds of pelicans swooped in for a visit on Saturday.  I ran outside in the 37 degree weather in my short sleeves and barefoot to take these pics!  It was definitely a gorgeous sight to see!

Here I am working on another painting masterpiece.  This time, its for Avery's bedroom.  Its a butterfly.  Yes, I am aware that it looks nothing like a butterfly in these pictures, but its a work in progress.  

Here is Dylan's cool new bridge for his cars.  I knew those vertical blinds would come in handy for something!
And finally, here I am at 34 weeks!  Only 32 more days until Avery's birthday!  Get out your party hats!  Woohooo!
Well, I think thats all we have to report this week!  Check back next week for more wildlife photos I'm sure!  They just keep coming!