Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Eric!

Happy 34th Birthday to my wonderful husband!  Today is Eric’s birthday, but we had to celebrate last night since I leave for Minneapolis this afternoon for Zumba training tomorrow morning.  I spent all afternoon working on this masterpiece: DSC_4465

This frosting was like BUTTAH.  Well, thats probably b/c it WAS mainly, all, BUTTER.  Oh well!  It was worth it! DSC_4468The

dinner request by the birthday boy was steak and salad – and what goes better with steak and salad than popovers!?  So that was my input.  The popovers.  They popped this time, but got a little too toasted on the top.  I dunno.   DSC_4471

Then it was time for presents.  The kids happily helped. DSC_4474

Dylan was a little upset that there were NO presents for him.  He had suggested we get Daddy a little tractor for them to “play with together” as his present to Eric.  But I didn’t follow through on that one.   DSC_4476

Instead, I followed through on my own ideas!  Cuz, clearly, my ideas are the best.  WinkDSC_4477

I hope to fill up some more of these spaces with photos from our upcoming vacation! DSC_4478

And then it was cake time.  Don’t you just LOVE recycled candles?!  For the record, they went in the garbage after the cake was done.  I think that “3” has been chewed up one too many times. DSC_4481

OH and here is the card that Avery picked out.  It has singing cats in it.  They meow “Happy Birthday” and its awesome.  At least, Avery and I think its awesome. DSC_4482

My baking assistant, proud of his work. DSC_4483And the little sister who spent the afternoon wrapped around my legs screaming. Angry


I don’t know HOW he managed to blow all those out!?  He’s SO old!  DSC_4486Dylan offered up his expertise.  If you’ll recall, he showed off his skills at his own party and everyone got a little taste of his saliva on their cake! DSC_4489


Beauty shot of a slice.  The recipe can be found here.  This was some seriously good frosting.  Especially if you are a coffee lover.  I think I’m really only interested in eating the frosting later today and that’s so not like me!  Normally, I scrape the frosting off my cake!  So, that must tell you how good the frosting is, am I right? DSC_4494

Well, that’s all I have for you on the birthday excitement.  Happy Birthday again to my hubby!  You are truly the best gift I have ever been given and I hope you feel the same way about us! Smile  Especially since your gifts were nothing to write home about! Thinking 


That’s all from me for today!  I’ll be back on Monday with a full report on the Zumba training!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

  Back from my monthly leave of absence! Wink  Everyone is gearing up for mom’s big Zumba-a-thon (aka instructor training class) this weekend including Avos – who never turns down an opportunity to dance.  Whether its to her brother’s police car that blares the song, “Bad boys!  Bad boys! Whatchya gonna do?!” or my dance dvds – Avos is always ready to break it down.  And yesterday was no exception.  Notice her cute little tracksuit – well, half of it.  She, like her brother, refuses to wear sweatshirts in the house.  I wonder who they get it from???  Anyway, its really cute.DSC_4402

As is Avery herself.  “Tute.”  DSC_4405 DSC_4408

She plays so nicely on her own.  Dylan never did and still struggles with it.  Must be first child syndrome!DSC_4412

She will sit and play quietly on her own for long amounts of time.  Dylan could learn a thing or two!  He’s always needing someone to play with him or be near him.  Apparently I spoiled him when he was little???? DSC_4413

So yes, this picture is a bit weird.  Pictures of meat are weird.  And believe it or not – this is “Eat Clean Diet for Family and Kids” Sloppy Joes.  Why is it on a bed of spinach, you ask?  Well, cuz I wanted to!  It was good, but very crumbly and lived up to its name when in a bun.  Sloppppppy.  DSC_4419

It does look interesting too you though, right?  LOL DSC_4421

  Reason for the crumbliness is my new favorite kitchen gadget courtesy of my mother-in-law Kim.  Thanks Kimmy, I’m loving it!  Here’s a picture of it – its the Mix and Chop tool from Pampered Chef. 

Daily photo of daily greens!DSC_4425

And tonight’s fare which was just okay.  This is the Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili from Eating Well.   I just feel like I’ve had a lot better black bean based soups (and this really was more like a soup to me).  DSC_4428

I of course had to puree it up for my people to eat.   DSC_4429

It definitely wasn’t BAD and I’ll for sure be eating the leftovers, but it just lacked something.  Oh well!  You don’t find the good ones by not making and trying new things!   DSC_4430

Well, that’s it for now!  Couch is beckoning me!  OH and before I forget, I’m still keeping up on Shuttercal, so be sure to check it out.