Thursday, May 6, 2010

Green Monsters

Tried a new recipe this week! Normally new recipes are met with whining and refusal to eat. This time, they both LOVED it. And I must say that I am a big fan as well. Its a smoothie made with 1 TB ground flaxseed, 2 cups of fresh spinach, 1 banana, 1 cup of milk (regular, soy or almond - we prefer almond) and a couple handfuls of ice. It. Is. Delicious! I know what you are thinking, "HOW could this be good? She's nuts. She eats weird things as it is." Yes, that is true, I do eat "weird" (i.e. healthy) food, but seriously - give this a try. Here is the website for more info: - click on recipes for the GREEN MONSTER smoothie recipe. Here are my little monsters enjoying their Green Monsters:

Mmmm whats that???
OOOH I love it!

More! More!

What?!?!? Its GONE!?!? NOOOOOOO!

Lovin' his Green Monster!


Mmmmm Delicious!
Seriously, try it. You won't be disappointed. I mean, if Eric liked it - for real, you'll like it.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I love it when...

...Eric calls Avery "rumplesmoothskin."

...Dylan says, "Sorry Aves," after hurting her.

...Avery looks behind the mirror to see where the baby is that she sees in the mirror. workout is done for the day and I'm relaxing on the couch with my coffee.

...I'm relaxing on the couch post workout and Dylan emerges from his room all sleepy eyed and says in his sweetest voice, "Hi Mommy," and snuggles up next to me to watch the news.

...Dylan makes me say goodbye to his poopoo before he flushes it.

...Dylan says, "perfeck" instead of "perfect." I'll be sad when he starts saying every word correctly. Also feel this way about "balg eagle." He's just too cute when he says it!

...I walk into Avery's room to get her in morning and shes standing in her crib smiling from ear to ear. Then she loves to look around her room and smile at all her lovely things.

...its NOT windy. Rarely happens. husband is smiling and saying goofy things to me all day. This means he's in a great mood!

More as I think of them...

(and I will post pics soon, Gpa Danny! No complaining!)