Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gettin' Springy...

Ahhh, spring.  It sure is lovely isn't it?  This lone flower always pops up first amongst the tulips.  Every year, it is the first riser.

DSC 6039

I LOVE when our furniture and grill come out.  Makes summer feel all that closer.  The kids are always happy to see the toys they had forgotten they owned.

DSC 6041

Avery is still working on her sharing skills.  In her defense, the car was stolen out from under her, so she had a right to be mad.

DSC 6042

As you can see, Dylan really cares.

DSC 6043

Ha!  This totally isn't a posed picture.  It just looks that way.  They both happened to look at me at the same time for once.

DSC 6045DSC 6054

These are her "play" sunglasses, so they don't really do anything to protect her eyes.  You'll recall that her other shades are no more, so these were the next best thing or risk a tantrum.

DSC 6056

If/ when we move, I sure hope our next yard is just as big as this.

DSC 6059DSC 6060

What?!  Do you think I was gonna let her go more than a day without proper sunglasses?  She IS a girl, you know.  We had to wear them INDOORS today as winter has returned again for a few days.  Its COLD out.  Booooooooo.

DSC 6064

And like a true girl, she jumped at the chance to model them for me.

DSC 6068

Little big, but she'll grow into them.

DSC 6069

This calls for a dance!

DSC 6079DSC 6082DSC 6085

Wait - what's on TV?

DSC 6087

Nothing good!  Back to dancing!

DSC 6095

And while we were picking out sunglasses for her, she made sure that her brother got a pair too.

DSC 6100DSC 6103

He'll do anything to try and get that one perfect picture.  We did this over and over and over again.

DSC 6106DSC 6110DSC 6120DSC 6125

Then it was tent time.  Could be our last tent till Fall!

DSC 6135DSC 6137DSC 6140DSC 6142

And finally, I had to pretend it was warm out while drinking my smoothie.  I was wishing I was in that pink chair with the sun warming me.

DSC 6143

This is just frozen peaches and mangos with almond milk.  Sams Club has a frozen bag of Tropical Fruit right now and its fabulous.  It has peaches, mangos, pineapple and strawberries.  Delish!

DSC 6145

My only wish is that I would have had a Vitamix to make it in.  This took FOREVER!  It was worth it tho cuz it was sooooo good.


Well, time to RELAX!  Better go dig out my slippers.  GRRR.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Fun

Well, there were more outside shenanigans yesterday.  Falls from high places, mud, loons - to name a few.  Yeah, Avery fell from the top rung of the ladder side (where Dylan is), hitting her head on the bar as she fell through.  Awesome.  : (

DSC 5992

But she recovered quickly.  There was too much to enjoy about the day.  Check out one of our new mugs!  Sweeeeeet.

DSC 5993

More time was spent on the slide.  The bane of my existence.

DSC 5995

Alright, its not the slide I hate, its the stupid (or stinky, if you are watching your language) mud patch you see at the bottom of the slide.  Most times she doesn't fall, but it takes just one time for a clean butt to turn into a muddy one.  Mental note - must pick up laundry spray.

DSC 5998

Then when we went for a walk, Avery noted it was "too BRIGHT!" and demanded my sunglasses become hers.

DSC 6002


DSC 6003

She always wins.

DSC 6004DSC 6005

Millicent was out enjoying her favorite time of the year - which is anytime when there isn't snow to get on her dainty feet.

DSC 6006

Then when I wanted my shades back, she was still demanding sunglasses of her own, so I was forced to go in and dig around to find hers.  She got lucky that I found them.  Sadly, there was an incident this morning and the glasses are no more.

DSC 6008

Thankfully, Dylan knew right where his were.  I love how they push his ears out.

DSC 6009

He only wears them when he's riding on the road.  He told me that sunglasses are only for when you are driving.  Mmmmkay.

DSC 6013DSC 6014

The loons are back!  We've seen several!  They most likely won't stick around.  We'll get a pair that will stay, but the rest are just passing through on their way to their prospective lakes.  Here's the zoomed in pic...

CSC 6038

And the zoomed out pic...

DSC 6018

As you can see, the ice is rapidly depleting.  YAY!

DSC 6020

Annnnnd my work here was done once Eric was done working.  Mom turns into chopped liver at that point.

DSC 6035

They decided to unload all the deck furniture, toys and bikes from Pontunia.  Its becoming more real now - WINTER IS OVER!!!!!

DSC 6037

More spring fun pics to come later and maybe a video.  My niece Natalie made up an awesome song about Bath Toys that I am obsessed with, so I've been encouraging some creativity around here.  So far, no dice, but I'm not giving up.  These kids are going to perform and they are gonna LIKE IT!


Monday, April 11, 2011


Well, we're taking guesses on what day the ice will go out.  My guess is one week from today - April 18th.  Eric's guess is April 16th.  It made major progress today.  Our bay is nearly all melted.

DSC 5923

And this little pile here is what was left of our final (knock on wood) snowstorm.  It melted today.  Good riddance!

DSC 5924

The kids spent a lot of time wrestling each other today.  This isn't exactly what I meant when I said, "go play."  Oh well.

DSC 5929

Ohhhh to have the complexion of a toddler!  It's not fair!!!

DSC 5934

For some reason, this mask has been getting a lot of face time.  Pun intended.  They both think it's hilarious!

DSC 5942

My ZIN (Zumba Instructor Network) 32 DVD arrived today, so we worked on our dancing skills.  Clearly, the mask was needed.  Gives the dancing a little more flair.

DSC 5946

There is just something about latin music that makes them want to move.  They always stop what they are doing when they hear Zumba music come on.

DSC 5950

I love Avery in this one.  She favors the Raggaeton rhythm and when she hears a song she really likes or knows, she gets pretty crazy.

DSC 5958

After dancing, we went out to check on nature.  Since the ice is going out, the wildlife are providing us with more entertainment than usual.  You'll be happy to hear that we have seen a loon - so it looks like they didn't get oiled up in the gulf like we had feared.

DSC 5966

The stuff you see in the water is ice chunks breaking off of the main mass of ice.  Its NOT weeds.  Yet.

DSC 5968DSC 5971

Iceberg!  Dead ahead!  If you look closely, you can see 2 fools on the ice fishing.  See them?  They are the 2 specks directly above the right side of the iceberg.

DSC 5972

Avery is loving the slide this year.  I'm just hoping that the grass dries up pretty soon cuz they both got pretty muddy from their boots getting mud all over the slide and then their butts sliding into the mud from their boots.  I'm soooooo not a fan of spring mushiness.

DSC 5974

Finally, I was able to distract them away from the mushiness to go for a wagon ride.

DSC 5975DSC 5976DSC 5977

It didn't last long and they made me turn around to go home.  I've been waiting for Avery to be able to sit on the well cap!  2 years ago I took a picture of Dylan sitting on it while Avery was baking' away in my belly.  Now here she sits.

DSC 5978DSC 5980DSC 5982DSC 5989

Well, that is all for now!  Chuck is all new tonight, so I've got a date with the couch and my husband!  Later!