Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Fun

Well, there were more outside shenanigans yesterday.  Falls from high places, mud, loons - to name a few.  Yeah, Avery fell from the top rung of the ladder side (where Dylan is), hitting her head on the bar as she fell through.  Awesome.  : (

DSC 5992

But she recovered quickly.  There was too much to enjoy about the day.  Check out one of our new mugs!  Sweeeeeet.

DSC 5993

More time was spent on the slide.  The bane of my existence.

DSC 5995

Alright, its not the slide I hate, its the stupid (or stinky, if you are watching your language) mud patch you see at the bottom of the slide.  Most times she doesn't fall, but it takes just one time for a clean butt to turn into a muddy one.  Mental note - must pick up laundry spray.

DSC 5998

Then when we went for a walk, Avery noted it was "too BRIGHT!" and demanded my sunglasses become hers.

DSC 6002


DSC 6003

She always wins.

DSC 6004DSC 6005

Millicent was out enjoying her favorite time of the year - which is anytime when there isn't snow to get on her dainty feet.

DSC 6006

Then when I wanted my shades back, she was still demanding sunglasses of her own, so I was forced to go in and dig around to find hers.  She got lucky that I found them.  Sadly, there was an incident this morning and the glasses are no more.

DSC 6008

Thankfully, Dylan knew right where his were.  I love how they push his ears out.

DSC 6009

He only wears them when he's riding on the road.  He told me that sunglasses are only for when you are driving.  Mmmmkay.

DSC 6013DSC 6014

The loons are back!  We've seen several!  They most likely won't stick around.  We'll get a pair that will stay, but the rest are just passing through on their way to their prospective lakes.  Here's the zoomed in pic...

CSC 6038

And the zoomed out pic...

DSC 6018

As you can see, the ice is rapidly depleting.  YAY!

DSC 6020

Annnnnd my work here was done once Eric was done working.  Mom turns into chopped liver at that point.

DSC 6035

They decided to unload all the deck furniture, toys and bikes from Pontunia.  Its becoming more real now - WINTER IS OVER!!!!!

DSC 6037

More spring fun pics to come later and maybe a video.  My niece Natalie made up an awesome song about Bath Toys that I am obsessed with, so I've been encouraging some creativity around here.  So far, no dice, but I'm not giving up.  These kids are going to perform and they are gonna LIKE IT!



  1. One solution to avoid the mud puddle at the bottom of the slide - go buy one of those hideous astroturf door mats and stick it at the bottom of the slide. Its so non-biodegradable its scary! And no more mud puddle at the bottom!

  2. sounds like a fab idea, Lex! or have Eric mow and put some clippings there.
    Love Avoes new "do" one pony up and one pony down!!! hee hee!!xxx
    And D really looks like U. Tommy with the sunglasses on!!! hee hee--again!! xxx MOM