Monday, April 11, 2011


Well, we're taking guesses on what day the ice will go out.  My guess is one week from today - April 18th.  Eric's guess is April 16th.  It made major progress today.  Our bay is nearly all melted.

DSC 5923

And this little pile here is what was left of our final (knock on wood) snowstorm.  It melted today.  Good riddance!

DSC 5924

The kids spent a lot of time wrestling each other today.  This isn't exactly what I meant when I said, "go play."  Oh well.

DSC 5929

Ohhhh to have the complexion of a toddler!  It's not fair!!!

DSC 5934

For some reason, this mask has been getting a lot of face time.  Pun intended.  They both think it's hilarious!

DSC 5942

My ZIN (Zumba Instructor Network) 32 DVD arrived today, so we worked on our dancing skills.  Clearly, the mask was needed.  Gives the dancing a little more flair.

DSC 5946

There is just something about latin music that makes them want to move.  They always stop what they are doing when they hear Zumba music come on.

DSC 5950

I love Avery in this one.  She favors the Raggaeton rhythm and when she hears a song she really likes or knows, she gets pretty crazy.

DSC 5958

After dancing, we went out to check on nature.  Since the ice is going out, the wildlife are providing us with more entertainment than usual.  You'll be happy to hear that we have seen a loon - so it looks like they didn't get oiled up in the gulf like we had feared.

DSC 5966

The stuff you see in the water is ice chunks breaking off of the main mass of ice.  Its NOT weeds.  Yet.

DSC 5968DSC 5971

Iceberg!  Dead ahead!  If you look closely, you can see 2 fools on the ice fishing.  See them?  They are the 2 specks directly above the right side of the iceberg.

DSC 5972

Avery is loving the slide this year.  I'm just hoping that the grass dries up pretty soon cuz they both got pretty muddy from their boots getting mud all over the slide and then their butts sliding into the mud from their boots.  I'm soooooo not a fan of spring mushiness.

DSC 5974

Finally, I was able to distract them away from the mushiness to go for a wagon ride.

DSC 5975DSC 5976DSC 5977

It didn't last long and they made me turn around to go home.  I've been waiting for Avery to be able to sit on the well cap!  2 years ago I took a picture of Dylan sitting on it while Avery was baking' away in my belly.  Now here she sits.

DSC 5978DSC 5980DSC 5982DSC 5989

Well, that is all for now!  Chuck is all new tonight, so I've got a date with the couch and my husband!  Later!

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  1. Ooooh I want Avoes skin, + I know how soft and smooth and kissable it is too!! you got some really cute pix of them---love the wrestling shot and the sewer cap ones!!! Yay! SPRING!!! (tho we ARE supposed to get more SNOW later this week!!) Aaaaak!! XXXX MOM