Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My, what an adorable little bean you have there!

Or shrimp, or seahorse or baby girl - whatever you want to call her.  Here "she" is!  Measuring right on schedule and heart just a beatin' away!  "Her" head is on the left I believe.  I think the little appendage you see sticking out by the head is one of her arms.  Eric claims one of the others is a penis, but what does he know!  The 2 pics are basically the same, but I thought I'd post them both anyway.  She is still due around June 7th - despite what that first pic says.  Apparently the ultrasound machine is a little wacky sometimes.  Anyway, please oooh and ahhh at her, she likes that.  Oh and she likes praise in the form of comments too, lurkers!  

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Elmo trick or treating

Well, once again, Blogger appears to be trying to make me angry - so you'll have to bear with me.  These pictures are in backwards order - the last picture is the first picture, and the first picture was supposed to be last.  I'm going to blame Blogger for the delay in updating this blog.  They need to work on their site.  Cuz its LAME.

Here is Dylan at my Aunt Nancy's house.  He didn't like their big dog, so he was not into trick or treating there.  People should learn that big dogs are not cool.  They are annoying.  And they ruin photo opps - hence, the lack of photos taken here.
D and Channy at Great Gpa Howard's house.  Dylan still hasn't mastered "taking A bite" and shoved the entire piece of candy in his mouth.  See the chocolate-y evidence?

Dylan's first trick or treat experience at Great Gpa Howards.
Walking to G. Gpa Howard's with Auntie Lulu and Channy.
Starting out on his first trick or treating adventure - Elmo!  

I'd type more, but Elmo is on my last nerve at the moment screaming and crying for no reason, yet again.  So for those who are disappointed in the lack of info on the weekend and the last few days - call Sesame Street and have Elmo arrested or put in time out for bad behavior.