Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hot Tub Time Machine take me to SUMMER!

Sorry - couldn't resist, Avery!  One day she will be maaaad about pics like this, but she's the one who doesn't care if her hair gets done or not.  She went to sleep the night before with a wet braid in her hair and this was the result.  Would she let me fix it and make it pretty?  NO!

DSC 6318


DSC 6323

Its hard to see, but if you look closely, you can see snowflakes here.  We filled the hot tub earlier this week and we weren't going to let a few snowflakes stop us from our nightly soak.

DSC 6332DSC 6337DSC 6347

The kids thought it was pretty fun getting snowy heads while in the hot tub.  Eric tried to enforce a stocking cap rule, but it didn't go over.

DSC 6348DSC 6353

And then today, it was back to business as usual with Spring.  Okay, Minnesota!  Figure it out!  Snowing and 35 yesterday.  60 and sunny today.  Whatever.

DSC 6355

All the rain/snow has been helping the lawn though!

DSC 6361DSC 6363

Seriously can't wait till its summer though.  I'll take the 60 degrees - just please - no more snow!

DSC 6364

Alright, now I must go clean up some cat puke.  Be jelly.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

We spent the Easter weekend up at Eric's parents house.  His entire family was there plus a new puppy so there was never a dull moment.  Kelli and I planned out a "Zumba-thon" for Saturday morning.  She and Lisa were super excited (they both get licensed for Zumba this coming weekend in Minneapolis)!

DSC 6243

Jamie and Kacie, were not.  They were first timers and were worried about their images.  Ha!  They tried to hide in the back of the class with no luck!

DSC 6244

They probably won't be too happy about these pictures, but oh well!  My blog, I'll do what I want!

IMG 1116

Grandpa Danny was secretly wishing he could scoooch on in and dance with us.  He definitely was back row material, if you know what I mean. ; )  Check out my air tho!  Wooohoo!  Thanks to Gma Kim for taking the pictures.  Its fun to see us in action!

IMG 1120

And one more - I like this one.  Check out the future Zumba princess watching from the high chair.

IMG 1123

This is what the kids did ALL weekend.  Gma and Gpa treated them to not ONE but TWO Power Wheels vehicles.

IMG 3353IMG 3365

To say that they liked them is an understatement.  And its a good thing there were two or there would have been some serious fights.

IMG 1167DSC 6246

Even the littlest cousins could drive them (with supervision of course)!

DSC 6252DSC 6268

Here's Hobey (or Homer, as Eric likes to call him) chasing Kelli.  This is Lisa and Chandler's new puppy.  The kids have a love/hate relationship with him.  Since he's a puppy, he likes to bite when he is playing.  They all were NOT fans of that.  Avery kept shaking her fist at him and yelling, "NO! NO!"  The older kids went the "I'm going to run super fast to get away from you" route, which only egged poor Homer on.  Make him want to bite them even more!

DSC 6276

Avery, Easton and Addi drive with pillows behind their backs so they can reach the pedals.  Once we figured out that they could drive them, it became evident that Gma and Gpa need THREE Power Wheels.  Its not our fault they had so many kids!  Side note: They admitted that they got them as a bribe to get everyone to come home more.  Guess we're gonna need that third Power Wheels vehicle then! ; )

DSC 6288

Gma Kim loves her picture times!  Clearly the rest of us do too!

IMG 1171IMG 1201

The 7 grandkids.  If you look closely, Kacie is also in this picture.

DSC 6304

And here's Easter morning.  Bunny had just come.

DSC 6307DSC 6311

And our holiday attempt at a family picture.  Brown grass, bright sun, forced smiles = mediocre picture.  OH well.  Summer, shades and real smiles are coming soon!

DSC 6312

Hope you all had a good Easter!