Friday, December 31, 2010

Things of Interest this New Years Eve – 2010 edition

1. Blizzards are no match for Misty the CR-V.  Snow, wind, white out conditions, ice, road closures – none of those can stop her.  

2. Marshmallows, when heated, can stick to your butt.

3. Not everyone respects Tanya Becker of Physique 57 the way I do.  However, they pushed through and feel accomplished this New Years Eve.

4. Yes, it IS necessary that you have to drive to Happy Harry’s Bottle Shop in a blizzard for more booze – even when you aren’t even out of booze.

5. The neighbor across the street has no snow blower.  This provides endless entertainment.DSC_3704

6. These chocolate covered graham crackers are DIVINE!

7. Missing Contigo water bottle – FOUND!

8. The snow drifts outside are bigger than me.  And everyone else here.  DSC_3702 DSC_3703 9. The elderly apparently need round the clock care and all of Kelli’s co-workers are slackers who are full of lame excuses.  I mean, WE drove in the blizzard in the DARK.  Who can’t make a 1pm shift during the LULL of the storm?  We miss Kelli!

10. Gma Kim and Gpa Danny crack under the pressure of driving in a blizzard.  Clearly, they don’t drive a CR-V. 

11.  Babies are strangely bendy.
DSC_3758 12. I must make MANY mochatinis to make the cost of the booze worth it in Eric’s eyes.  So far, 0 have been made – but that’s about to CHANGE.
DSC_3762 13. Dylan’s dirty underwear can be turned into a fun game. 

DSC_3794 DSC_3793 14. The Wikoff family is extremely musically gifted. 
DSC_3789 DSC_3787 DSC_3788  15. Babies cannot be trusted in bathrooms.
DSC_3720 16. Fat Tire is a big hit with the people. 
DSC_3729 17.  Avery is TUTE (cute) with her hairs did.

DSC_3711 DSC_3710 DSC_3748 DSC_3777 18. Vegan appetizers can be un-veganized with the help of cream cheese and sour cream
DSC_3722 DSC_3721 19. My husband is very, very strange.  But people seem to like it.

DSC_3791 20.  Last minute goals are better than no goals at all.  Ask us how we feel on December 31st 2011, though. 
21.  I’m kinda mad that Avery’s new PJ’s didn’t come with a mask like Addi’s did.
DSC_3739 DSC_3771 22. Jillian Michaels reminds us that, “there is no Cheeto tree.”

DSC_3719 23. Battle of the Sexes is a subpar game.

24. The next 40 minutes better go quickly.  I’m about to bail.  Like my husband, who bailed at 10pm. 

25. 30 seconds after I typed #24, Ryan Schroeder bailed and went to bed.  He stole my idea!

26.  Grandpa Danny navigates the Droid (bag phone) quite well for a beginner!
27.  We’ve declared it the New Year at 11:41pm.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!


I’m out!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Best of 2010

I thought I would round out 2010 with a lovely photo montage of our best moments from this past year.  For some reason, WLR isn’t letting me display the pictures one by one like I normally do (too many pictures, perhaps??) so there will be no commentary on them.  Bummer, I know!  So you’ll have to imagine what I would say about each picture.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

One Year

Its hard to believe that one year ago I looked like this:

Christmas, New Years 2009 001 And as of today (nearly 295 workouts later) I look like this:

DSC_3587 DSC_3586 DSC_3588 I pretty much owe all of this to barre workouts and consistency (along with a fairly clean diet – can you believe I didn’t have any sweets for like 2 months straight?! Egads!).  My goal this year was 250 workouts and when I hit that, I obviously just kept going and was hoping to hit 300.  I ended up getting struck down by sickness in October and November and had to take a week off.  So there went my 300!  Oh well! Next year, right?

My latest love in my barre obsession is the new Physique 57 Volume 2 set.  It just came out this month and already I’m obsessed with it, much like I was when I first got the Volume 1 set.  I did the first set religiously for a few months before I moved on to other barre work and am coming full circle now to end this year.  I couldn’t be happier with the results this type of training has given me.  I lost nearly 30 pounds, many, many inches, 4 clothing sizes and gained incredible lower and upper body strength.  I was a dancer growing up and I don’t think my legs were ever as strong then as they are now.  And I think my abs are the best they’ve ever looked! (Please ignore the stretch marks, obviously I have given birth to 2 children! Smile)

 DSC_3608 I know I’m going to be barraged with questions on which workouts I did.  I reviewed a few on this blog (click on the “Fitness Friday” link) but for the most part, the workouts that came up again and again on my fitness log are: Physique 57, Bar Method (Change Your Body, Accelerated and the new (and their most awesome-est!) Dancer’s Body, Ellen Barrett’s Studio Series, Ballet Body by Leah Sarago (LOVE) and some Pure Barre.  I think my favorite one from this year is a tie between the new Physique 57 set and Ballet Body by Leah Sarago downloads.  Both are definitely advanced barre workouts and just what I love in terms of intensity and also variety.  For a beginner just starting barre, I would recommend any of the Bar Method’s DVDs.  And for those who live in a big city, look to see if there is a Bar Method near you.  I went to 2 classes at the Bar Method Portland and they were phenomenal!  Hard, but phenomenal!  And for the one lucky friend of mine who lives in NYC – if you don’t go to Physique 57 and humor me – we can’t be friends anymore! Wink  I also have a friend in Los Angeles (Physique 57’s other studio), so you are being summoned to go as well! Wink  I must live vicariously through those who CAN go until I am lucky enough to visit one of the studios in person myself!


As for 2011, I hope to reach 300 workouts and continue to inspire and motivate you all to get your fitness on and be as healthy as you can be!  I also plan to revive my Shuttercal with 365 days of food.  Not every photo will be of something fancy or healthy, but I figured since I DO cook nearly every day and also take a picture of the food I make almost everyday – that this would be the perfect time to resurrect our Shuttercal calendar.  And don’t worry, Grandparents – the photos CAN be of the little people eating said food.  So there will be pics of the kids too! 


That’s all for now.  For those who were like, “Crap! Another Fitness post!” – I will probably do a fun “best of 2010” post sometime in the next couple of days.  Be excited!