Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

Channy and Lulu came for a quick visit this weekend.  Here's Dylan showing off his hockey skills for them.  
Gotta try to hit the light! 
Here he was spinning around and around...he likes that sort of thing....
Dylan and Channy having some cereal for breakfast - Dylan was wanting to do whatever Channy did.  So since Channy was having cereal - so was Dylan!  No waffles on this day!
And here is the first ride on Pontunia this season!  It was not as warm as we would have liked, but it wasn't too bad.  Surprisingly, quite a few people around the lake had their docks and lifts put out already!
Channy was driving and texting...a big no no!  ha ha!
Lulu, me and Avery.
And here is Dylan at the Harding park on Sunday.  He is still waiting for his swingset to appear here, so we had to make due with the park one.  He was pretty timid at first and wouldn't go anywhere without his Daddy with him, but eventually he climbed around on his own and went down the big slide by himself too!  My camera battery died after a few pics and a few minutes of being there, so these were pretty much the only pics I got. 

Then on Sunday afternoon, we took Pontunia out for a spin under the new bridge (pretty fancy!) and looked around part of Platte Lake before Dylan demanded that we go back to the bridge.  We'll get to the rest of it eventually!  

I think thats it for exciting news from us except.....  25 days to go until Avery arrives!  Woohoo!