Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Baby Avery is still a girl!

Yep, we had another ultrasound today and it looks as though Avery IS a girl - not that I had any doubts anyway.  We had the ultrasound to check her growth and make sure that she wasn't getting too big, too fast (because of the gestational diabetes).  She is weighing in at approximately 3 pounds, 3 ounces which is right on target for her gestational age.  She was in a sleepy mood, so she didn't do much when we were there.  She is head down and had her hands up by her mouth.  She still has a little button nose like her brother too!  The tech only gave us one pic since this visit was only to check her growth.  I'm too lazy to post it (aka - dig out the scanner, hook it up, and upload).  Its not much different from the last picture we have of her face, so just refer back.  Ha!   But anyway, everything looks good!

Nothing else to report on today!  Wish I could think of a fun April's Fools joke to play on you all, but I guess I'm not feeling very creative today.  Oh well!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bump Watch!

First, a pic of D modeling his new Crocs (a size bigger than last year with super cool "construction" jibbets).  We thought they completed the no pants look quite nicely.  He has recently started outgrowing all of his 2T things.  We're finding that his pants are too tight and too short for comfort - hence, the reason for his no pants dance.  

And here is your bump watch update.  I am 30 weeks today!  Today also marks something else -2 months from today we will have our baby girl!  So 9 weeks to go everyone!  Woohoo!  Will probably go fast for all of you - not so much for me.  Oh well.  

Here is D napping on the couch.  Again.  He was refusing to nap and eventually fell asleep on the couch out of pure exhaustion.  "I'm not tired Mommy!"  HA!  Mom was right!  As usual!  

In other news, Dylan moved into his new room on Friday night.  It took about an hour to get him to stay in there, in his bed, and actually sleep.  Saturday for nap time - no go at all.  I think we kept him up too long and he got overtired.  And then Saturday night it only took a 1/2 hr or so to get him to sleep in there.  Hopefully tonight he just goes right to sleep!  We can dream anyway.  He likes his new room but must have been just a little nervous.  Just like us!  I'm still pretty nervous about him being away from us at night, but I supposed I'll get used to it.  I would have posted pics, but Eric has not yet replaced the super ugly vertical blinds with Dylan's curtains - so I'll wait to take pics of his completed room.  I'll be starting Avery's room one of these days, so there will be pics of that soon.

Well, that's it for now!  We'll have another post on Wednesday with updated pics of Miss Avery after our ultrasound!