Sunday, February 14, 2010


Well, Renae has put me to shame lately with her 10 blogs a month. So I figured I'd better get busy. So here is a bit of backtracking. These pics are from when Gpa Danny and Easton came to visit last weekend. Dylan had fun showing grandpa his rink and how much his skating has come along. He also enjoyed playing with his cousin and thought it was hilarious that Easton walks! (He must think Avery will never be able to walk?) So here are a few pics:

Out for a night skate

Poor Easter - no skates yet...

Hey guys - let me out!

Skating figure eights with Grandpa!
Well, there were supposed to be more pics, but as usual, blogger sucks. So please imagine a picture of Eric holding up his cool new "Brainerd Hockey" tshirt and a picture of Eric and Dylan with Eric's sweet birthday cake. For those on FB, consider yourselves lucky (or smart, whichever you prefer) because you have seen them.
I have more pics to upload one of these days, so perhaps I'll do another post then. Maybe.