Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our new PONTOON!

Ok, so clearly its not NEW but USED....but it works and thats all that matters!  Check it out!

Milly checking it out...
Eric launching it
Me and D enjoying the ride (yeah, yeah, we forgot his boat coat for the first outing, we were too excited!)
Here is the captain driving.  There were a few tense moments when we first shoved off, but this is after he got it under control.  
And finally, DD driving it a bit later on.  There were many more pics taken, but blogger is being a pain in the buttocks right now and i just don't have the patience to deal with it at the moment.  These pics will have to suffice!  

Now don't you all come running over to our house at once - we will be taking reservations for rides on this baby.  She's small and she doesn't not want to be overwhelmed by her fans.  Surely, she will have many fans.  She has no name yet, but I'm thinking.....and i'm open to suggestions too.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

You all are jonzin for an update from us, right?

Greetings, loyal readers!  

D and I had a mini photo shoot this morning.  And since we have nothing else to share at the moment, I thought I would post a few of the pictures.  

This is what happens when I get out the camera.  He requests that I set the self timer and he automatically does "funny face" every time.  What have I started???
I climbed up on the edge of the car to take his picture after he had laid down and covered himself up.  Apparently he didn't realize he could climb on the outside of it, cuz he got right up out of bed and started scaling the car.  Whoops!
DD BUCKET HEAD!!!!  (if you yell that, this is what he does.  He'll do the same thing with his pumpkin bucket - "DD PUMPKIN HEAD!!!")
DD just bein' cute.
Here is a picture of our daily battle of wills.  Dylan hasn't been the best eater these days (unless its something like pizza - who could blame him there, tho, right?) so getting him to eat is sometimes a big struggle.  Today was particularly fun.  I'll spare you the picture of him with a mouthful of edamame with his mouth wide open about to spit it all out.  What fun it was! ha.  Oh and he is not wearing a shirt b/c his gag reflex kicked in after he crammed a bunch of food in to an already full mouth.  Yummy.
Here is the dirt that has accumulated from the "Big Dig."

Milly chasing some leaves.  
The beach has grown a bit from the last update.  If you missed the mathematical calculations that led to this expansion, please refer to the comments section of the post titled, "A Beach Update."

Check out all the rocks we have now!  Sweeeeet.  

Please tune in tomorrow for some exciting news and pictures regarding the birth of a new brother or sister for UB PIMPIN (the boat).  That is all I can tell you for now.  

Monday, September 22, 2008

A beach update

Time for your daily update, readers!  Eric suggested I take a few pics of the progress on his beach.  We are gonna try to get some sand in here before the snow flies, so he's been shoveling as fast as the rocks will let him (he seriously hits a rock every time he sticks the shovel into the ground - Dylan thinks its great!  more rocks to throw into the lake!).  

Oh no!  The leaves are falling off the trees!

DD trying out his beach

Throwing rocks in!
Wiping his muddy hands on some dirt - very effective.
Ooooooh, a worm!  DD says, "I like worms!"

A tender moment between father and son.

And here is your DD update:   Three funny things he said today - 
1. "Big Bird!!! Where are you??!"
2. Adios Goodbye!
3. Awesome!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

We had guests this weekend!  Hef (Chris Peterson) and his wife Shannon were here to see the new place and have some good times with us!  Woohoo!  We have friends!  We ate a lot of food (bacon is now on both our shit lists - bacon wrapped smokies are the devil!), had some good laughs, took a lovely boat ride and played a couple of wild games of croquet.  I think we all had a great time!  It was so nice to have people over other than our families (no offense, families).  Here are some pics from the weekend! 
The players, before the second game began.
Some strategizing going on!
Since I'm no good at croquet, (and was waaaaay behind everyone else) I took the opportunity to take a pic of UB Pimpin'.  Summer is over and she is sad.  Hopefully fall is good to her this year.
Eric attempting to send Hef outta the way!  
Some lovely fall color in our yard!
And finally, some pics of the trees that are most purdy right now around the lake.

"Pervert!"  (pic taken for uncle Jon)

Well, that about sums it up for us this weekend.  I see the rest of my fellow family bloggers arent blogging much this weekend.  Lame!  I expect to hear all about your weekends tomorrow people!  Or else!  And Auntie Kelli - um, where is the "single gal in the city" blog?  People have a right to know what you single gals are up to!  DO IT.  

Thats all for now!  Ta-ta!