Monday, September 22, 2008

A beach update

Time for your daily update, readers!  Eric suggested I take a few pics of the progress on his beach.  We are gonna try to get some sand in here before the snow flies, so he's been shoveling as fast as the rocks will let him (he seriously hits a rock every time he sticks the shovel into the ground - Dylan thinks its great!  more rocks to throw into the lake!).  

Oh no!  The leaves are falling off the trees!

DD trying out his beach

Throwing rocks in!
Wiping his muddy hands on some dirt - very effective.
Ooooooh, a worm!  DD says, "I like worms!"

A tender moment between father and son.

And here is your DD update:   Three funny things he said today - 
1. "Big Bird!!! Where are you??!"
2. Adios Goodbye!
3. Awesome!!


  1. I don't know if you will get this or not, but thought I'd give it a whirl!! looks like DD is going to have a very nice beach!! we are impressed!! Awesome!! Cuuuute pics as well!!

  2. Looks like you have great lake access now. Too bad it's going to get cold soon. Great dirt area Eric. Can't call it a beach yet!

  3. Not I need to buy sand and hall it down one wheelbarrow load at a time.

    Buy 15 Yards of Sand

    Typical WheelBarrow holds 6 Cubic Feet Per Load

    Converts to 0.222 Yards Per Load

    WheelBarrow Loads = 67.56756757

  4. P.S. I think you should keep track of how many loads you haul down so that we can see if your math is right.

  5. soooo is greens14 Eric?? if so, what does it mean??

  6. Yes, thats eric. He "claims" that he has no idea where the "greens" came from - thus, i dont know. 14 was his hockey number.

  7. It's coming along. I agree with the nerd alert....some one likes math a lil to much!! Loved the pics!! I sure miss my lil buddy!!

  8. Oh yes - keep track of the loads. Have fun hauling it. Ask Jon, it's tons of fun. Oohhh and you have a lllloooonnnggg yard.

  9. Doesn't DD have a wagon...have him bring some loads.