Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Steel Trap Memory

This morning I was doing a little toenail maintenance and Avery came over and started yelling, "AVERY'S!!!!!"  Meaning, "do mine too!"  So I painted hers while Dylan looked on.  Eventually he said that he wanted his done too and picked out 2 colors.  The green color to match mine and Avery's and orange for his fingers.  So I did his toes, and while I was doing them, he says, "you're gonna have to take this off right away before Dad comes down."  "Why????"  I asked while gritting my teeth!  "Because I don't want him to say what he said to me at Avery's birthday party last year."  ?????  I have no recollection of this, but I guess his Aunties painted his nails and his dad got mad.  He never forgets a thing it seems!  Eric was just telling me a story about how he remembered some random detail the other day about something Eric had long forgotten.  Its funny how much he remembers.  I might have to write stuff down so he continues to remember.  I know I don't remember much from being a kid!  Guess thats what this blog is for - to document their happenings!  Anywhere - here are the toes. The polish was removed immediately following this photo shoot, so don't worry Daddy.

DSC 6493DSC 6494DSC 6496

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More photo shoots

Mmmmmm muffins.  I'm working my way thru the cookbook Super Natural Every Day. These are the Bran Muffins and they ROCK  I can't give out recipes, but I can tell you to buy this book.  Everything in it looks awesome and everything I've made so far has been great.

DSC 6369

I'm trying to get new pictures for our header on this blog.  I'm also thinking of moving to Word Press so I can comment back.  Stay tuned.

DSC 6376

The photo shoots so far have been mediocre at best.  But I'll keep trying.

DSC 6383DSC 6393

I was calling her Cyndi Lauper when she put this on.  She did this all on her own.

DSC 6422DSC 6424DSC 6427

The grass is finally greening up but we still have to wear our hats and jackets.  You know whats going to happen right - we'll go straight from winter to summer with no spring temps in between.  No joke - it was snowing on Monday - MAY 2nd.

DSC 6430DSC 6433

And the trees are finally starting to get little buds on them.  See anything else?

DSC 6438DSC 6439

She blends in so well this time of year - brown grass, brown trees.  I love watching her climb down trees.  She goes up them so often, but when its time to come down its like she has a momentary brain fart - "how do I get down again?"

DSC 6445

Here they were wanting to look at the pictures on our calendar for May.  Avery doesn't recognize her baby self and keeps asking why the baby is crying in the pictures?  UM, YOU TELL ME!  I'd love to know why you were crying Avery!

DSC 6446DSC 6450DSC 6457

He's still working on pumping.  He told me today that EVERYONE needs at least one or two pushes to get started.  Even adults.

DSC 6468

And then he was messing around and literally got stuck like this.  And apparently this is not the first time either.  Ummmm???

DSC 6473

Again, back at my photo shoots for the new header.

DSC 6476

Its a "Y"

DSC 6478DSC 6479DSC 6483DSC 6484

This one is probably as good as we're gonna get for now.

DSC 6486DSC 6488

Pretty cute together!  I had Dylan's conferences today and his teacher said he talks about his sister a lot.  Not surprising!

DSC 6489

Thats all for tonight!