Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hot Tub Time Machine take me to SUMMER!

Sorry - couldn't resist, Avery!  One day she will be maaaad about pics like this, but she's the one who doesn't care if her hair gets done or not.  She went to sleep the night before with a wet braid in her hair and this was the result.  Would she let me fix it and make it pretty?  NO!

DSC 6318


DSC 6323

Its hard to see, but if you look closely, you can see snowflakes here.  We filled the hot tub earlier this week and we weren't going to let a few snowflakes stop us from our nightly soak.

DSC 6332DSC 6337DSC 6347

The kids thought it was pretty fun getting snowy heads while in the hot tub.  Eric tried to enforce a stocking cap rule, but it didn't go over.

DSC 6348DSC 6353

And then today, it was back to business as usual with Spring.  Okay, Minnesota!  Figure it out!  Snowing and 35 yesterday.  60 and sunny today.  Whatever.

DSC 6355

All the rain/snow has been helping the lawn though!

DSC 6361DSC 6363

Seriously can't wait till its summer though.  I'll take the 60 degrees - just please - no more snow!

DSC 6364

Alright, now I must go clean up some cat puke.  Be jelly.



  1. Oh man-----that was a bad hair day!!!! too funny!!! Loved D's pose by the hot tub too!! XXXX MOM

  2. Loved the first pic! Yeah those pics will come handy one day!!!