Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Picture Perfect Day

Dylan and I took advantage of the warm weather and an unusually long nap from Avery and headed outside this afternoon.  I think it was the warmest it's been all year today.  Our snow is finally almost gone and the ice is looking heavier and heavier each day.  Summer is coming people!  Look alive!

DSC 5814

What is crazy is there was a pickup out on the ice this morning. I mean, this ice looks really not safe.  I just don't understand the logic (or lack there of) behind that.

DSC 5816

As usual, we had to make use of the camera timer - our favorite!  We did a few yoga poses together here too, but I was able to capture some better ones later on (see below).

DSC 5820

Yeah, so he's wearing shorts already.  He was wanting to try on his new summer clothes today and then he refused to take them off when I told him we were going outside.  I tried!

DSC 5831

He has NOT outgrown the "I don't want to smile nicely for you" phase yet.  Boo.

DSC 5833

Still pretty cute though.

DSC 5835DSC 5841

And here was yoga time.  I thought the bright sun would create a nice contrast with the ice and I was right!  Fabulous!

DSC 5850DSC 5854

He ditched me!  Waah!

DSC 5857

Then Avery got up and the sun went behind the clouds.  Lame!  (the clouds, not Avery)

DSC 5859

As usual, Avery was not into the "stand by your brother and smile" directions.  She never likes my ideas!

DSC 5861

This idea was fun for ohhhh about 1 minute.  And then it made her mad.

DSC 5869

This idea made her mad too.

DSC 5871

See, MAD!

DSC 5873

Much better!

DSC 5879DSC 5895

The swingset is surrounded by water, so I did NOT like THIS idea.  MUD.  Grrrrrrr.

DSC 5908

BUT - guess who learned how to pump!?!  Finally!

DSC 5914

Our neighbor Ingrid is going to be so proud when she returns from Mexico.  She tried to convince him to learn how to swing on his own last summer but he was having no part of it.

DSC 5918

That's all for today!  No food for you!  I've been making things, but nothing worth noting.  I did make some pretty awesome chimichangas, but didn't take a picture.  Perhaps next time!   We are off to the cities tomorrow so Eric can go to the Frozen Four.  So, see ya later!

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