Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring has sprung!

WHAT IS THIS!?!  Almost can't even believe my eyes!  And he had FRIENDS too!  Light at the end of the tunnel, I tell you.

DSC 5746

Yes, I decided it was time I get outdoors.  Winter is about over (I think) so I can come out of hibernation now.

DSC 5747DSC 5748

We took a "nice" one first, but of course - the "nice" one didn't turn out.  Was blurry. So here is the "silly" one.

DSC 5750

No one tells the Avos she can't walk in puddles.

DSC 5755

Or Dylan, I guess.

DSC 5756

Tonight we had blackened fish tacos.  These were really good!  The recipe is here and its from Cooking Light's March 2011 edition.  I used catfish instead of tilapia (I didn't mean to, but thats what I ended up with!) and it turned out awesome.  The sauce that the onions are supposed to chill in for a bit was on the mild side, so next time I think I'd try adding some chipotle pepper to it instead of the jalapeno pepper.  Other than that, this was pretty good.  For the kids, they just had fish with cheese on their tortillas and they seemed to like it.  I think this would be good with some salsa, rice and black beans too!  Can't wait to make them again and experiment a little!

DSC 5758

And then after we were done eating, they kids took their pony out for a ride.  Always a good time.  For the camera person and the riders, anyway. ; )

DSC 5771DSC 5772DSC 5773DSC 5774

Well, that's all from me!


  1. I stumbled across your blog and have had fun reading about your family. I too, call my kids little turds. It's refreshing to hear someone else does that, too! :O)

    We are from northeastern Iowa, which is about 3 1/2 hours south of Minneapolis. We went to MN in September to stay on a lake so my son could go fishing up there.

    I am a stay-at-home mom of four and my oldest son was diagnosed with brainstem cancer December 23, 2009. It's nice to read other blogs and leave my reality for a while. Your writing and photos are hysterical! Your little girl looks so sassy! She would get along great with my 8 year old daughter, Sassypants Mcgee, aka Eden. :O)

    Anyways... I'll have to keep following your blog. My 3 year old is still potty training and it's a constant no pants zone in our house!


  2. Hey, that's a damn fine pony you've got!!! and just to make you feel good---we still have more snow than you do!!! Aaaak! I'm sure there are no posies popping up around here!! glad to see that others ARE reading your clever bloggity blog!!!