Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gettin' Springy...

Ahhh, spring.  It sure is lovely isn't it?  This lone flower always pops up first amongst the tulips.  Every year, it is the first riser.

DSC 6039

I LOVE when our furniture and grill come out.  Makes summer feel all that closer.  The kids are always happy to see the toys they had forgotten they owned.

DSC 6041

Avery is still working on her sharing skills.  In her defense, the car was stolen out from under her, so she had a right to be mad.

DSC 6042

As you can see, Dylan really cares.

DSC 6043

Ha!  This totally isn't a posed picture.  It just looks that way.  They both happened to look at me at the same time for once.

DSC 6045DSC 6054

These are her "play" sunglasses, so they don't really do anything to protect her eyes.  You'll recall that her other shades are no more, so these were the next best thing or risk a tantrum.

DSC 6056

If/ when we move, I sure hope our next yard is just as big as this.

DSC 6059DSC 6060

What?!  Do you think I was gonna let her go more than a day without proper sunglasses?  She IS a girl, you know.  We had to wear them INDOORS today as winter has returned again for a few days.  Its COLD out.  Booooooooo.

DSC 6064

And like a true girl, she jumped at the chance to model them for me.

DSC 6068

Little big, but she'll grow into them.

DSC 6069

This calls for a dance!

DSC 6079DSC 6082DSC 6085

Wait - what's on TV?

DSC 6087

Nothing good!  Back to dancing!

DSC 6095

And while we were picking out sunglasses for her, she made sure that her brother got a pair too.

DSC 6100DSC 6103

He'll do anything to try and get that one perfect picture.  We did this over and over and over again.

DSC 6106DSC 6110DSC 6120DSC 6125

Then it was tent time.  Could be our last tent till Fall!

DSC 6135DSC 6137DSC 6140DSC 6142

And finally, I had to pretend it was warm out while drinking my smoothie.  I was wishing I was in that pink chair with the sun warming me.

DSC 6143

This is just frozen peaches and mangos with almond milk.  Sams Club has a frozen bag of Tropical Fruit right now and its fabulous.  It has peaches, mangos, pineapple and strawberries.  Delish!

DSC 6145

My only wish is that I would have had a Vitamix to make it in.  This took FOREVER!  It was worth it tho cuz it was sooooo good.


Well, time to RELAX!  Better go dig out my slippers.  GRRR.

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  1. Enjoyed the kid pix!! Dylan, little stinker, taking over the car from the Avoes!! Cool shades, cute girl--and boy!! Love the Dylan "air" pix!
    Hopefully tent season will soon be over---unless it's a tent OUTSIDE!!! World's longest winter---ever!!! XXXX MOM