Sunday, April 17, 2011

I made these muffins the other day on a whim and boy am I glad we gave them a whirl.  GOOD!  They are Millet Muffins courtesy of 101 Cookbooks - a fabulous blog.  She has a new cookbook that just came out and this recipe is in the book.  I hope the rest of the recipes are just as good!

DSC 6148

The kids ADORED them!  Even with no butter on top!

DSC 6151DSC 6154

We were seriously fighting over every last one of them.

DSC 6157

I snuck the last 2 for myself!  Don't worry - I plan on making more this week sometime so I'm not THAT mean of a mom.  ; )

DSC 6158

The weather has been lame the past few days and from what I hear - the trend is going to continue.  So the kids spent some time outside today even though it was NOT warm.  Looks can be deceiving!

DSC 6160

Ok, THIS has to be the last of it!  I know I said this last week (and most likely I jinxed it) but this time it has to be true!  It just has to!

DSC 6164

For those keeping score, Eric's prediction of ice out TODAY was wrong.  I might have a shot with my guess of tomorrow (April 18th).  It is looking really, really thin this evening.  I will be gloat-y gloater-son if I win!  Woohoo!

DSC 6166

I love how intense he looks!

DSC 6167

He wasn't liking the sun in his eyes.  Apparently the sunglasses didn't help though cuz he wanted to stop playing right after this.

DSC 6170

And this brings us to tonight's dinner.  I had bought a ham from Cub this past week for a pretty sweet deal - 89 cents a pound!  So it fed us for 4 days now - and there's still some left!  Score!  So tonight I decided to veer away from the ever popular sandwich route.  This was pretty good!  Its a Broccoli, Ham and Pasta Salad from Eating Well.

DSC 6173

I didn't use all the things the recipe called for, but only cuz I didn't have it all on hand.  I used brown rice fusilli from Trader Joes instead of whole wheat pasta.  I also didn't use any plain yogurt, but only because we didn't have any and it was just fine without it.  This is definitely a keeper!  It will be a great summer time salad for sure!   I was the only one who ate it with spinach - its definitely not a necessity, but I like spinach - so there!

DSC 6175

Well, Dylan's movie night feature film (Toy Story) is nearly over, so must go wrangle him into bed.  Tomorrow is picture day at school, so he's gotta get his beauty sleep! : )


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  1. The muffins and the salad look delish, but alas, have no ham or millet!! so another time, I guess!! Think you must have jinxed our weather as well---we are supposed to get 6+ more inches of snow again tomorrow!! and the ground is still white from the last storm!! SICK OF IT!!!!