Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Egg!

Good morning!  This is gonna be a quick one!  Dylan should be up any minute and I still need to shower and get ready for heading to town this morning.


So aren't these the cutest kids ever?!  Say yes.  They were watching me dance the other day and Dylan decided they would get cozy while they watched.  So he set this all up.  Sorry Daddy - they want the pillows you put in the garage sale pile!  Ha!

DSC 6178

I love how she watches to see what he's going to do next so she can copy him.

DSC 6183

Chin in your hands! GO!

DSC 6186

She doesn't realize that he's moved on the from the chin in the hands thing.  It was just too comfy!

DSC 6187

We also dyed eggs this week.  Good times.

DSC 6189

I bought a Tie Dye kit for them which turned out to be kind of a pain in the you know what.

DSC 6190

It was fun for about 2 eggs and then we moved on to the traditional way.

DSC 6191

Duh!  I'm the one overseeing this super fun project!  Of course I rule!

DSC 6196

Dad's not here, so he doesn't get a "rules" on his.

DSC 6197

HEY!  Who is casting a shadow upon my eggs!

DSC 6198

Dang it Mux!  Get outta here!  This is a super important egg photo shoot!

DSC 6199DSC 6202

Well I'm sad to say that I did NOT win the "ice out" contest.  Its now the 21st of April and there is still a small sliver of ice on the lake.  It should be gone today.  I WOULD have won had we not had winter return AGAIN.  Grrrrr!  But check out this lovely loon who taunted me by not getting close enough for a decent pic!

DSC 6206

Let me remind you that our house is for sale!  Spread the word!

DSC 6215

That devilish grin has me worried.  Looks like she was gonna run me down or something!

DSC 6213

Nah, she'd never do that!

DSC 6214

Well, I'm off like a prom dress!  Gotta get ready to head to town and teach some Zumba, baby!


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  1. Once again---really good/fun pix!!(part of it is/are your appropriate captions!) Loved the "monkey see, monkey do" shots!! And D is so cute concentrating so hard on his eggspectacular pix!! Very cool egg decorating, I must say---and Mux was just looking---and didn't see one for her!! The Avoes in the coup were especially cute as well (certainly have gotten your money's worth out of that purchase!!) and BTW your "off like a prom dress" comment gave me the shudders!!! XXXX MOM