Monday, April 27, 2009


Hundreds of pelicans swooped in for a visit on Saturday.  I ran outside in the 37 degree weather in my short sleeves and barefoot to take these pics!  It was definitely a gorgeous sight to see!

Here I am working on another painting masterpiece.  This time, its for Avery's bedroom.  Its a butterfly.  Yes, I am aware that it looks nothing like a butterfly in these pictures, but its a work in progress.  

Here is Dylan's cool new bridge for his cars.  I knew those vertical blinds would come in handy for something!
And finally, here I am at 34 weeks!  Only 32 more days until Avery's birthday!  Get out your party hats!  Woohooo!
Well, I think thats all we have to report this week!  Check back next week for more wildlife photos I'm sure!  They just keep coming!


  1. You look GREAT!!! I'm excited to come and meet little Avery!! I have my party hat all picked out!! Loved the pics of the pelicans, Beans will have to get on and look at them...she'll be jealous!!

  2. Holy cow - that is a lot of pelicans. I do like the beginnings of the painting. Where'd you come up with the circle idea?

  3. I'm so're just so artistic and full of great ideas. Avery will love her butterfly! We look forward to meeting her very soon. Hope you'll be able to find a little comfort in this last month of pregnancy!