Friday, March 18, 2011

St Patty's Day shenanigans

Nothing says St Patty's Day like Vegan Samoa Cookies???  Its a stretch.  But the cookies WERE a nice touch for yesterday.  Avos clearly agreed.

DSC 5596

How could she NOT?  These were delicious!

DSC 5603

You can find the recipe here.  Loved these!

DSC 5605

Dylan was a fan as well.  Not that I didn't think he would be.

DSC 5608

In the afternoon, my friend Cindy and her two kids came over for some St Patty's Day shenanigans.  The kids enjoyed dancing to a Zumba instructor dvd.  It got turned off at one point and there was a protest of sorts.  The people love their BOOMBA!

DSC 5612

Then we tried to take a group photo and wouldn't ya know it - Avos got mad!  What?!

DSC 5622

She seriously cracks me up.  She was mad for no reason at all!  I like how Dylan is amused by all of this.  For a moment or two, I thought he was thinking of cheating on Melissa with Cindy!  Wuh-oh!  No worries tho Melissa - he made you a new picture yesterday.  You're still his number one gal!

DSC 5623

Thanks for hangin' out with us for the afternoon, C-dawg!  It was fun!

DSC 5624

Well, thats all for now. No real plans have been made for today other than an afternoon Zumba class.  I've hit up 3 different instructor's classes here so far and will hit up another gal's class today.  Its been fun but also confusing as I hear a lot of the same songs but with different choreography.  I must look like a crazy person trying to adapt!  Oh well!  Its fun seeing the different styles of instructors.


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