Sunday, March 20, 2011

Farewell 'Berdeen

Well, we are heading home today after our weeklong stay at Grandma and Grandpa H's house.  Back to reality.  No more running water, flushing toilets or taking long showers and giant bubble baths for us!   Yep, still waiting on the septic to un-freeze.  Can't wait to get home! ; )

Here are some of the happenings from the last couple of days here.  See anything funny in this picture?

DSC 5628

Oh Rock-o!  So funny!  He stood there motionless for quite awhile.  He didn't want in or anything.  He was just hangin' out.

DSC 5631

Grandma's lack of Kodiak Cakes was shocking.  So I had to make pancakes from scratch.  These were pretty good I must say!

DSC 5638

Grandma's daily nap.  It was nice and cozy with D and the dogs.

DSC 5639

Making pizza with my assistants.

DSC 5642

This pizza got the thumbs down from D.  He said there wasn't enough toppings.  He may have been right.  Oh well.  But apparently he's never heard of the "even if its bad, its still pretty good" rule of pizza.  Words to live by.

DSC 5649

Avery worked away at her computer. She kept playing her favorite tunes and then she'd get up to dance to them.  Hmmm.....perhaps she's copying me?  Zumba practice is rubbing off on her!  Tho, my routines aren't to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  But she makes it work.

DSC 5653

Seriously gorgeous child.  And its a good thing too.  She's been extra naughty the past few days.  Will she EVER stop trying to eat EVERY random thing she finds?!?!?!?  SERIOUSLY!

DSC 5655DSC 5656

Painting time with Grandma.  Her idea!  She didn't factor in the Avos factor though.  So we had to be on the lookout for...

DSC 5659

SNEAKY PETE!  She pops up often.

DSC 5661

"FINE!" says Sneaky Pete. "I'll play with Creepy Baby."

DSC 5664


And finally, enjoying some popcorn from our future popcorn machine.  It will be ours.  Oh yes, it will be ours.  MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

DSC 5668

Well, catch ya later from Hillman!  Where the water doesn't run freely and the internet is slooooooooow.  Fun times!



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