Thursday, March 24, 2011


We didn't have much snow last night when we went to bed.  Well, we do now!  Dylan keeps reminding me that it won't be here for long because its spring now.  Wise boy.

DSC 5682DSC 5683

And you just know he had to try and climb it!

DSC 5684

Avery was angry because the deep snow slowed her down too much.  I had to go out and rescue her in a snowbank because she was laying there like a slug.  She never revived after that.  Instead, she just sat there whining away.

DSC 5693

So my attempt at a cute brother/sister snowbank pic was a no go.

DSC 5695

This is a sammy from yesterday evening.  It was just so-so.  Its ground chicken with marinara sauce and it was just too messy.   The recipe was in Cooking Light from this month.  You can find it here.  I dunno - maybe you like messes?

DSC 5672

And today I had to make more of the dip I'm obsessed with.  Ahhhhh!  Its so good!  Its good with pita chips, veggies, on sammies or if you are wanting a faster method to get it into your mouth - use a spoon!  Works great!

DSC 5674

And in an effort to avoid making more dough balls, I decided to make banana soft serve instead.  If you haven't made it yet and you own a food processor then shame on you!  Does this or does this not look like ice cream?!  All it is is frozen bananas that have been processed for a few minutes!  The brown blob is dark chocolate peanut butter.

DSC 5678

Finished product.  This seriously cures any hankering you might have for ice cream.  Its sooooo good.  Even without the dark chocolate peanut butter, I swear!

DSC 5680

Well thats all for now.  My TV and couch are calling my name!  Have a good night!

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