Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mr Slapshot

I cannot figure out how to post a video, so please follow the link.  Surely there is a way, but my patience is lacking right now.  The kids and I are off to Aberdeen for a week while Eric works long hours this week in preparation to go play with his friends at the Final Five hockey tournaments in Minneapolis this coming weekend.  Trishy no likey long amounts of time alone!  So, off we go to Grandmas.  Here is a video for your viewing pleasure by Eric.


OH and please excuse Avery's morning time hair.  I purposely included her in the video clip b/c of its funny-ness!


  1. Did you try posting the embed code into the HTML view? It might not take if you tried putting it in Preview mode. Otherwise I have a bit of code I use from time to time on my Wordpress site that I could send you.

  2. Man that boy has a hard swing. I was fearing for Avery.