Friday, March 11, 2011

Young Love Part 2

As noted in yesterday's post, Dylan has fallen in love with my cousin Melissa.  Today she requested he draw a picture of her wearing a big hat with a kitty cat resting on her shoulder.  Challenge was accepted.  Truth time  - I drew the cat.  The awesome glasses were his idea though.

DSC 5521

Then in the afternoon, it was mail time.  Every day he asks me if he got anything in the mail and almost always my answer is, "no."  Today, the answer was YES!  He had been expecting a letter from his girlfriend complete with hand drawn pictures.  And you just KNOW that I HAD to take a sequence of photos documenting him opening his first "love" letter.  HA!  He was so excited...

DSC 5522DSC 5523

I love how he starts to get shy here, like she's looking at him looking at the pictures or something.

DSC 5524

This one especially - he's so cute!

DSC 5525


This is why he was making that face.  She drew a picture of the place where their love first blossomed - the condo at South Padre Island.  They spent a lot of time discussing this building.  How many floors it had, how the other buildings around were just not quite as big, etc, etc.  It was "their building."


DSC 5529


There were TWO pictures in the envelope!


DSC 5531

It made him laugh.  It was some sort of creature.

DSC 5533


Hopefully Melissa got her letter from him today too.  She deserves a little love as well for making his day!  The saga will continue I'm sure...stay tuned!


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