Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Would you believe that this cute little girl turned into a little tiny monster when I tried to help her get her dress on the right way?  OH yes.  She did.  Right when we had to get going out the door too.  I just love the "I can do it myself" stage! ; )

DSC 5468

Dylan was quite pleased to get back to school this week after being gone on vacation.  He came home OBSESSED with leprechauns and St Patrick's Day.  I suggested we make a trap to catch a leprechaun and he was all over that idea.  Its still a work in progress.  We finished the top (not pictured) but we're still working on a ladder.  I'm SURE we will catch one.

DSC 5471

I got back into the kitchen today.  I'm still having vacation withdrawals, but I think I'm slowing getting better.  Avery is having withdrawals too.  No more treats 24/7 and as much milk as a girl can drink when you're at home.  Today I had to take drastic measure to make sure she consumed more than just milk, a waffle and a banana for the entire day.  Behold - Dairy Free Carob Pudding.

DSC 5477

TOTALLY tricked her.  It has sweet potato, avocado, carob powder and dates in it.  Muahahahahaha.  It worked just as I hoped it would.  But better.

DSC 5480

She ate her bowl AND her brother's (unfortunately, the trick didn't work on him.  Boooo.  He still eats all his food for the most part though, so he's off the hook.).  It tasted okay.  I definitely need to let the processor run for long b/c the dates didn't get smooth enough.  I'd totally make it again though, so I guess its a winner.

DSC 5481

And here was my obsession of the day.  This is Raw Vegan Cheddar Dip.  Seriously good stuff.  Totally tastes cheesy but there is no cheese in it.  I started out with veggies but moved on to my arch nemesis, Stacy's Pita Chips.  I'm addicted.  Can't help it.

DSC 5486

That is all for today.  I've been so busy learning and practicing my Zumba routines that I barely have time for anything else it seems.  My first class will probably be sometime in the next month and I'm hoping I'll get some time back then.  I hope!



  1. What a beautiful family you have...you look like you're such a creative Mommy. I love the hat your little boy made...so darlin'!

  2. I do believe they put crack or something as addictive into those pita chips. SERIOUSLY addicting. I would give my left leg to not have to give those up.