Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkalin carving!

Well, we carved pumpkalins last night.  For those not familiar, thats what DD calls pumpkins.  Its too cute to correct, so I don't.  He just has the sweetest little voice.  Hard to resist him! Anyway, here we are carvin' and colorin' away!
DD coloring his pumpkalin
Checking out the inside
Time for a dance break!

Time to carve!
And here is the finished product!  DD was pretty excited to come downstairs this morning and see it again.  He even insisted on giving his pumpkalin a hug!  


  1. Ooooh it brought back such fond memories!! and he sure does look like a little blond boy that I used to take pics of at this time of year!! did you video too?? can't wait to see him next week!!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. CUTE!! I wish that I was there. I love D and his pumpkalins!! You guys have fun trick-or-treating w/ Channy.