Sunday, October 26, 2008

First snow

The first snowflakes of the year are falling this morning here at Sullivan Lake.  Nothing is accumulating, thank goodness, but it sure has caught Dylan's attention.  "I want to go out there, Daddy."  "We'll go out there later, Dylan."  "I don't want to go later, Daddy."  Its only 36 degrees out, so I think we'll be stalling on going out for as long as possible.  However.....I think I MIGHT make an exception and go get a newspaper - because I can!  The road is now paved and open for use.  They will be putting another layer down tomorrow (rain prevented them from finishing up on Friday) and I believe they will be striping the road then as well.  Eric is not impressed with the job they did on the entrance to our driveway though.  He is planning to complain if it is not completed more to his liking.  Basically, it appears that they just dumped a little sandy dirt on to each driveway, smoothed it out a bit and then called it good.  Its not very good.  So anyway, they better fix it or Eric is gonna kick some construction butts!  Yeah.  

Both Eric and I were sick this weekend.  Me with morning sickness as usual and Eric with some unknown bug caught on either the airplane back from Connecticut or from one of his gross co-workers.  We can't escape them even when he doesn't physically work with them anymore!  Geez!  So he's been spending most of his time in the bathroom and I've been on the couch.  Dylan has made good use of this time by scouring his favorite toy catalogs over and over and over again.  He particularly loves the Fleet Farm one and you can certainly tell by looking at it.  Its a little ragged around the edges.  He likes to say, "Look it, Mommy!  Look at this!  Look it, Daddy!  Looooook!"  He has even picked out what he wants to buy with his gift card that Auntie Susan gave him for his birthday.  I sense a Target run in our near future!  Woohoo!  If only the morning sickness would grant me a free pass day.  Please, let this happen.  Please.  

Thats it for today.  Keep warm, people.  Winter is coming.  Blah.


  1. oooh the first snow----it's skipped us so far!! but it's very cold and WINDY (40-50 mph) A nasty day----perfect day for hunting Hahahahaha!! Hope you are all feeling better and that DD doesn't get it!!

  2. Winter! Are we coming back at the wrong time?

    Well at least we can play in the snow with DD.

    We are also excited for the bridge repair, a bate run will not take nearly as long.

  3. BATE (flapping wings wildly) might work good fishing Hondouran lakes, but you will have better luck using BAIT on MN lakes