Sunday, November 9, 2008

Broken Record

Here is yet another "Eric is gone; we're bored; I have morning sickness; Dylan is destroying the house" post.  Yes, you read that right - once again, Eric is gone for another 5 day stint.  We're beginning to think he no longer likes us.  If its not work, its play.  This time he's off deer hunting (he doesn't even like deer hunting - proof that my theory is right) and won't be back until Tuesday.  So D and I are here alone again trying not to die of boredom.  Its colder than cold outside and as you'll see from the pics below, we got a teeny amount of snow.  It was enough to entertain Dylan for a good 10 minutes or so, but then we decided it was way too cold to be standing out there.  Perhaps if there would have been enough snow to say, build a snowman, then maybe.  But we figured it wasn't worth it.  Besides, Dylan is against gloves, so his fingers were about to fall off.  Wind chill is a bad, bad thing.  So, since then, we've been holed up indoors looking at toy catalogs, watching cartoons (Elmo Potty time has been watched 3 times and still has not influenced him enough to make a difference.  I thought we were close today but turned out he already went in his pants. Crap.  Literally.), and Dylan has been slowing trying to kill me and destroy the house.  The morning sickness seems to let up for a few days and then come back with a vengeance for a day to show me who's boss.  Ok, I get it, baby, you are boss.  Just stop making me feel like crap.  Anywho, back to Dylan.  When he's not busy turning on every single light in the house (seriously, EVERY light), he's dragging out all of his toys one by one, playing with them for maybe a minute at the most and then moving on to drag out another toy and repeating the process.  However, this makes for a nice end of the day activity when we are able to eat up a good half hour playing "clean up, clean up."  At least he provides me with entertainment though.  A good naked run after bath time never ceases to amuse me!  And the kiss and hug before bed is always a nice ending to these long days.  I just wish Eric was here to enjoy it all with me.  Oh well.  I know I'm not the only hunting widow out there (Hi Lu Lu!).  Well, hope you are all enjoying your weekend.  Thats it for me.  Its nap time, so I gotta shower and lay down before it's too late!

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  1. You sure look like you are having fun outside DD. I like your coat. I hope you didn't let your Daddy and Mommy eat all of your Halloween candy!