Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Recap

Greetings readers!

Well, we spent yet another weekend in the cities.  It seems we can't quite get enough of that place, huh?  Why did we ever move?  Just kidding!  When Dyls and I got home last night, it was so nice to walk in our door and feel instantly relaxed.  And my lovely candle from Illume (thanks Auntie Renae!) was giving off its holiday berry-ish smell as we walked in.  We even got snow while we were gone!  The holidays are almost here!  

Anyway, back to the weekend.  The whole reason we went to the cities was b/c Eric had a bachelor party to go to.  They played touch football (had to tell about that cuz I think its funny).  I think they all must think they are NOT in their 30's.  They are in denial.  And then they went downtown to relive their single days and got kicked out of the bar.  Eric said he was pleased that they got to leave.  Ahhhh, theres the man I love!  

So what did DD and I do, you ask?  Well, D played with Nattie and Daniel, whom he loves to bits.  Daniel isn't so fond of DD getting all up in his grill.  Dylan loves to give Daniel kisses, but Daniel doesn't want any part of it.  And he and Natalie seem to be playing with each other more and more now.  Before, they just played beside each other.  This time, they enjoyed coloring with one another a lot.  It was cute b/c they were sharing the crayons so nicely and saying "thank you" and "your welcome" to each other.  They also watched cartoons side by side on the couch with a blanket covering them.  Renae must post the pic!  

I spent a good portion of the weekend searching for a dress to wear to Eric's company's holiday party.  This mission was almost a complete bust until the last half hour of searching.  I almost didn't even go in the store that I found the dress at, but I'm glad I did.  I think it will work well for the growing bump.  Now all I need are some accessories!

Well, not much more to tell you people today.  Eric is still gone (surprised???) and won't be back until tonight, so its just me and little D today.  Who knows what kinda shenanigans we'll be up to today.  HA!  Later!

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