Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

Well, to start our weekend, we woke up Friday morning to find we had no hot water.  Actually, no water coming out of the hot faucets at all!  We determined that our pipes had froze in the night!  So a good portion of Friday was spent strategically placing space heaters, reading up on the internet about frozen pipes, stressing, running cold water, stressing and repeating the process until finally they unfroze and the hot water came back.  We determined that shutting of the vents in the storage room and guest bathroom were the likely culprits.  Live and learn, I guess.  We just hope that keep those vents open is enough to prevent it from happening again.  We shall see!  

Edit: I realized that i got distracted and didnt finish telling about the weekend.  Geez, im losing it!  Anyway, then on Saturday we went to the Brainerd and did a bit of shopping and had lunch.  Yesterday we went to church and had a big brunch afterwards.  Twas tasty.  Then in the afternoon, I went out to the garage to find the timer for the lights (Eric was right, we do have one) and Dylan helped peek through the Christmas boxes.  You can guess what happened - a small amount of decor and toys had to come in with us.  He got out some of the singing toys (Santa no longer sings or dances due to his unfortunate seizure last year, so Dylan is upset and wanting a new one) and a few other decorations.  He is just as excited as I am to decorate!  And he keeps singing Christmas songs, making it even harder to resist decorating.  My favorites are when he sings, "its the holiday season!"  and "you better not cry, you better not pout, im tellin' you why!"  He knows Santa is coming!  So far, it doesnt work as a threat to behave better tho.  Maybe next year!  Ok, update complete!

Here is a lovely picture of a recent sunset.  I like it, so i took a pic of it. 

Heres our handsome man playing in his playroom.  I liked his shirt, so i took a pic of it.

Here is DD and his trees.  He likes em, so I took a pic of them.  And finally, here is my 12 week belly pic.  Its just bloating, but still, a belly.

P.S.  Blogger, i still hate you.  I cant figure out why this is underlined.  I didnt do it and I cant figure out how to un-do it.  Blogger, you SUCK!

Thanks for reading!


  1. jesus, you're HUGE! ok fine, you're not. you're a willow. a rail. you're audrey hepburn. meanwhile i bought my second pair of fat Sevens this weekend at the rack. boo.

  2. Very nice, very nice. I was just wondering if you were taking belly pics - and viola - one appeared.

  3. I love Christmas decorating too...i can't wait till Friday when we (um..i mean Brandon) gets to haul it all out and in so we can put it up! I hope Luke enjoys it as much as Dyls does. :) and you look great at 12 weeks!

  4. You are so stinking cute and your little man is so grown up and handsome!!! We are starting to decorate here too. I want to put our tree up so badly but have horrible visions of it crashing down with three little men perched in the branches.