Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wikoff’s Wild Rice

Yesterday was a really nice summer day, IMO.  Not too hot, not too cold, a hefty breeze (note: this was not a STRONG WIND like it normally is around here) and lots of sunshine.  Perfect day for taking a cruise on Pontunia the II and stopping for hot dogs on Platte Lake (provided for the annual fishing competition).  It started out like it always does – us plowing thru our channel in an effort to avoid getting stuck in the wild rice (aka weeds) on the way out.  While we were gone to Loon Lodge, a storm had blown some of the weeds into our channel presenting a challenge.  We were almost all the way out when we did indeed, get stuck.  This is when the “hefty breeze” seemed more like a “strong wind” because once you get stuck, the wind blows you out of the channel and into the weeds.  And once you are in the weeds, “you are screwed” as Eric says.  I wasn’t too worried.  Larry (our neighbor) is always ready to help tow us out (and vice versa).  I then learned that Lingy (a combo of Larry and Ingrid, courtesy of the famous nickname-maker, Eric) was gone for the day.  Disappointed  Still, I was not THAT worried, as Poppy is famous for always getting us out of a bind when we are in one.  Here is his strong grip holding onto the back of the boat while he risked his life (ok, not really) trying to clear the weeds off of the prop.  I didn’t take any other pictures at this point because the mood was too intense.  In other words, I didn’t razz him like Grandpa Danny likes to do. WinkingDSC_9504 We eventually made it out (see, I told you we had nothing to fear!) and headed over to the hot dog stand.  Eric brought the little table and chairs to enhance the “lunch on the boat” experience.  I think it did just that.  If only we had those tiny little chairs from Loon Lodge for Avos to use!DSC_9508

Eric just loves to sneak up on me with the camera.  I wasn’t ready!   DSC_9509 DSC_9511 DSC_9518 See, she needs help in and out of these chairs.  Its no bueno.DSC_9520

Then it was time to head back home after lunch and well, you can pretty much guess what happened.  We got stuck.  Again.  This time I DID take pictures.  Mood lightener, you know.  Plus, I knew we were all good.  Did I mention he gets us out of anything?! Here’s the wild rice that surrounded us.  Isn’t it just lovely?  If anyone wants to come harvest it, you may! Big GrinDSC_9524 I always love his look of intense concentration (Eric, not Dylan).  Tongue sticking out, eyebrows furrowed.

DSC_9527Phew, we made it! Back on dry (?) land, I checked out my termaters.  FINALLY, they are turning red.  And it seems that the bottom rot issue is a thing of the past.  Knock on wood.   Made a lovely caprese salad to celebrate my bounty.  No one else wanted any, but that’s fine – MORE FOR ME!DSC_9530 What’s up bumble bee?!DSC_9532 Mux racing around.  The soggy ground didn’t even stop her.DSC_9534 Here’s what I meant by “dry” land.  Its not so dry.  DSC_9535 DSC_9540 DSC_9546 DSC_9548 I just LOVE when they play in the sandbox.  Sand is my favorite. Eye-rollingDSC_9550DSC_9553 Well, I’m off to figure out what to do with myself for the day.  Plus, there is a rousing game of hide and seek going on right now.  How could I resist that?!

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