Saturday, August 14, 2010

Visit to the Loony Bin Part 2

  Its awesome to be home.  I’m definitely a home body, that's for sure.  Love my own bed, love my regular, business as usual routine, love that I’m not gorging myself with food like I do when I’m not at home and just love being here with my people.  Also, I love the internet and the use of my laptop!  LOL!  With that in mind, here is more from Loon Lodge (since I couldn’t blog from there).

Mmmm – pizza.  What's a visit to the lake without pizza, right?  These are just store bought Pillsbury crusts.  I do have plans to make a whole wheat crust soon here at home!  Very exciting, as we LOVE pizza!  This one is the taco pizza that we based on a recipe from Food Network’s September 2010 issue.  It was fab.DSCN0857 The tiny pepperoni one was for the kids.  Also had shhhhaushig on it.  That's Dylan speak for “sausage.”  He loves shhhhhaushig.  DSCN0863
And this one here is a take on Punch Pizza’s Mimi.  Olive oil and spices on the crust and then tomatoes, basil and mozzarella on top.  Its pretty much awesome.  Can’t make it to Punch, I bring Punch to me!  DSCN0864 Avos – always the satisfied customer.  Never turns down a slice of pizza.  Then again, who would?!DSCN0865 Dbert is also a pizza connoisseur.  He knows a good pizza when he sees one.  Or eats one. DSCN0866
My slices of taco pizza.  Be jelly. DSCN0868
And now its time for DRESS UP!!!! My mom brought out her “special suitcase” containing these costumes from when Tommy and I were little.  They were just as awesome as I remembered them being.  And Dylan thought so too.  Avery, not so much, as you will see.   DSCN0869 DSCN0870 DSCN0871  What the heck am I wearing???DSCN0873  DSCN0876 DSCN0877  Can I please take this off?DSCN0879    Always a bridesmaid, never a bride!  Wait a minute here…DSCN0883DSCN0886  Uh oh – Avos was having an Avos moment!  Grandma got to experience it first hand!  She was very lucky!DSCN0888 DSCN0889

He makes one heck of a bride!  Grandpa was not happy he was wearing this.  I suspect Eric will think its fun tho, right?  DSCN0890 DSCN0891

Gorgeous, simply gorgeous! DSCN0892 

He is dead set on being a ghost for Halloween this year.  So he made us fashion a ghost costume out of the dress up veil.  DSCN0893

Me with the ghost.  What am I supposed to be?  A superfisherwoman?  Yes, thats right.  A superfisherwoman.  I like to fish while wearing tutus and a robe.   DSCN0895 DSCN0896

Alright!  Grandma is getting in on the fun!  (Grandpa declined to dress up – what fun is he!?  He even grumbled about taking our picture!)DSCN0897 DSCN0898 DSCN0899

These were my fav shoes when I was little.  Dylan rocked em. DSCN0900 DSCN0901DSCN0903

And here we are on the way home.  Ahhhhhh, silence!  It was glorious.  A BIG thank you to the traffic lights of Wadena for ruining the silence.  I sooooo appreciate it!   DSCN0904

Well, I am enjoying a bit of silence right now as well so I better take full advantage of it!  Later!

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  1. It was a fabulous fun time!! Glad we had a rainy day!! XXXX