Thursday, August 19, 2010

It’s not me, it’s YOU.

  Oh what would this blog be without some pictures of my little day makers doing the things they love to do – dance and make messes.  Avery is quite the little Dancing Queen (one of her favorite tunes to do dance to).  She was showing off her mad skills for us yesterday.  Please take note of her fun outfit.DSC_9632DSC_9633 DSC_9636 She’s big into clapping her hands while she dances.  Gives her dances a little somethin’ extra.DSC_9637

Whats this?! A mess?!  Nooooooo.  This is a FORT.  NOT a mess.  Wink DSC_9651  I warn her of the danger in this stunt, but she does not care.  She did however, care, when the stunt when horribly wrong.  No one ever listens to me!  Mother knows best, people!  Listen!DSC_9663So we went to the grocery store yesterday.  I know, crazy.  Anyway, I finally picked up an oven thermometer to find out if my oven is on the fritz.  Turns out, I am not the one to blame for all these flops! The dang thing was off by 75 degrees!  No wonder my dang popovers weren’t popping anymore!  So of course I had to test out the thermometer and jack up the heat.  We decided to make Carrot Cake as our experiment. Smile  The frosting was just cream cheese and agave nectar whipped together.  DSC_9657 Turned out great!  Dylan wouldn’t know though, as he did NOT eat his dinner!  Ha ha!  He told me that tomorrow I better make something that is good so that he can try again on getting the cake.  Then he decided that if he eats all his breakfast, he can have the cake (and this is SILLY because he ALWAYS eats ALL his breakfast) then.  Oh well.  Tomorrow is another day, people.  I also made this 6 Seed Soda Bread which was also quite good.  I was a baking machine!  Eric is trying to take credit for some of these things because he is claiming that if he hadn’t come down to adjust the oven, then none of this would have been possible.  Mmmmhmmm.  DSC_9666 DSC_9668 DSC_9672

I used pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, hulled hemp seeds and sesame seeds in my bread.  But you can do whatever seed you prefer! 


Well, thats it for now.  We’ll see what kind of shenanigans we can get into tomorrow! Smile

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