Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fun in Lake Sullivan and Lake Dylan

  No post from me yesterday as I made a visit to Crabbytown.  If you’re a woman, you understand.  I had nothing nice to say, so I chose to say nothing at all.  But that doesn’t mean we did nothing at all!  It just means that I wore this face for most of the day:DSCN0926We went out on Pontunia for a little cruise when Eric got done working.  Dylan had to show Eric how he can swim by himself now with no one holding onto him.  Eric was properly impressed – can you tell?

DSCN0910Here he is kicking his legs!  A natural swimmer for sure!  He goes underwater in the hot tub and holds his breath for quite a long time.  If only I could get him to hold still long enough to teach him to float.  I’ve tried – but he won’t stop giggling and wiggling.  Maybe next summer.
Avery came in too to see her brother swim.DSCN0913DSCN0915DSCN0916 She wasn’t in long though because she had more important things to do – eat pretzels.  DSCN0919 Hmmm…that cloud looks rather threatening.  It did nothing, however.DSCN0921 I told her that she couldn’t have any more pretzels.  Looks like she’s buying it. WinkDSCN0922  DSCN0928 Wow – does she look like her Daddy or what?!  It’s the eyes, I think.  They are so expressive. 
DSCN0929Hmm, where did she put the pretzels??? DSCN0930 Avery was pretty excited to get back home because of this:DSC_9673She didn’t want to come on the boat at first because she was having a ball in Lake Dylan before we went out. DSC_9674 Good times in Lake Dylan!DSC_9675Dylan used to do this when he was Avery’s age.  Which is how this “lake” got it’s name! DSC_9677DSC_9686  DSC_9694I love how she has her belly thrust out here.  She’s so cute! DSC_9699 Off to the swingset!DSC_9701Peekaboo! DSC_9706DSC_9720 DSC_9710 DSC_9719 Well, that’s it for now.  We have guests coming later today, so you know I will have a lovely spread of food to photograph.  There – gives you something to look forward to! Open-mouthed

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