Wednesday, August 18, 2010


  Eric is in Minneapolis working again, so the kiddies and I kept busy with home videos and yummy foods yesterday!  I love it when Avery sits down to watch tv with Dylan.  She doesn’t stay too long, so I have to act quickly!  I especially love it when he holds her hand or covers her legs with a blanket.  Such a good big brother! Most of the time, anyway. WinkDSC_9598We made these homemade “Larabars” the other day that are pretty tasty!  Its supposed to taste like cookie dough, but I dunno about that.  One of the newest Larabar flavors is Chocolate Chip Cookie dough and since I haven’t run across them yet – thought we’d give these a whirl.  They are on the Peas and Thank You blog if you want to check them out for yourself.DSC_9599 Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy.DSC_9600 Avos is a fan!  I think she’s getting another tooth in, so she is enjoying softer foods.  These definitely fit the bill!
I’ve been slowly converting our Flip videos to DVD format and putting them on discs.  This old laptop of mine is busting at the seams with stuff on it, so I definitely need to get all this stuff off of it.  I’m also worried that it could crash at any moment and all of our videos and pictures would be lost.  Which would be a HUGE bummer.  So, I’m being proactive!  But before I can delete the videos – I have to make sure that the discs work.  Which means watching the entire DVD start to finish.  So yesterday we watched Christmas at Maple Lake 2009, Part 1.  It was pretty much awesome.  I love the man I married!  He makes me laugh both in the video and again now when I’m watching it.  I was cracking up watching these videos.  And the kids liked them too.  Dylan was mesmerized reliving his fun times with his cousins and Avery enjoyed watching her buddy (and cousin) Adelyn.  She would get so excited everytime Addi was on the screen. 
Sitting at her desk watching her silly Dad (and cousin and uncle) do pushups on tv.DSC_9604 Dylan had to have a blankie on for proper video viewing. 

DSC_9605 Dylan’s turn to do pushups!DSC_9615

I also was amused at seeing myself 7 months ago, 25 pounds heavier.  Its crazy how far you can come in just 7 months.  My sister-in-laws Kelli and Lisa are looking a lot different these days too!   And I bet everyone will look EVEN BETTER this Christmas!  DSC_9616 Then it was time to make dinner.  So that means it was time for Avery to dismantle my kitchen, one area at a time.  First, the snack cupboard.DSC_9623Next up, doing the dishes!  Yeah right!  More like making my life more complicated! DSC_9627Dinner was awesome!  For once, it was not a FAIL!  Not that I ever think that my food is a fail, but no one else seems pleased ever. Sad  I made baked carrot fries that were AWESOME.  Totally exceeded my expectations.  For real – I am not a huge cooked carrot fan and if I think these are awesome – then you can trust that its true.  I even think my pickiest eater (I’m talking to YOU, Mr. Wikoff) would like these.  They are GOOD.  Probably not the prettiest picture of them, but oh well.
DSC_9624 And – FINALLY – a black bean burger I can get on board with!!  This was awesome!  And I think I figured out why I haven’t totally liked the ones I’ve made in the past.  My food processor is just too powerful!  Even if I just pulse the mixture a few times, it still ends up too “paste” like and sticky.  For these, I just lightly mashed the beans up with a fork and it seemed to work really well!  DSC_9625 Here is the secret ingredient that made the carrot fries so tasty – Coconut Oil.  It is in a solid form, so I just melted a couple tablespoons (but I think 1 TB would suffice) in the microwave and then tossed the carrot fries in that with some S & P.  And NO, Eric, they don’t taste “coconutty.”  So you won’t be able to use that as an excuse.  SmileDSC_9626  So dinner was awesome last night!  I was quite pleased with myself!!  I didn’t get a beauty shot of the finished burger…so accept my apologies for this photo.  I just couldn’t NOT take a picture of it.  It was only after I started eating it that I realized that people had to know about it on the blog!  It was gooooooood.

DSC_9628The Carrot Fries are from Choosing Raw and Black Bean Burger is from Peas and Thank You.  Loving that site!  Her ideas are great! 

Well, thats it for today!  Later!

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