Monday, August 16, 2010


Eric was working on putting up more siding again this weekend.  He was doing the portion right outside the kitchen window.  I was inside cooking dinner when he yelled, “there’s a hummingbird stuck in the skylight!!!”  So you just know I grabbed the camera and ran out there!  Dang thing moves too fast to get a picture tho.  That and the sun was already going down, so the light was no good.  Here he is though – poor Hummy.  Don’t worry – Eric saved him.  He shoo-d him down with a broom and Hummy flew on home.  


Well, like I said in my last post with pizza in it, I have been wanting to attempt pizza dough for awhile now.  Yesterday was that day.  My assistant and I got out all the ingredients and got to work.  The book said to hand knead it for 10 minutes.  Pish posh.  Not when you have a Kitchenaid Mixer! Silly book!  So we stuck the hook on and put her to work.  DSC_9557 We were making a thick crust that can also be used for calzones.DSC_9558Well, my assistant should be fired because he didn’t notice that I was using whole wheat PASTRY flour instead of plain whole wheat flour.  Dang it Dylan!  Pay attention! WinkDSC_9565 It really wasn’t too bad.  I mean, it wasn’t awesome by any means, but it wasn’t inedible!  But then again, what pizza isn’t inedible?  Pizza is pizza and pizza is good.  DSC_9566 DSC_9567 I have already set my sights on a different (and MUCH more complicated) recipe to try next time.  I’m hoping it will be so awesome and my entire family will kiss the ground I walk on.  HAHAHHAHAHAHHHA!!!!!  Ok, so that won’t ever happen.  I just hope that I can find a recipe that will become a Wikoff tradition that we love to make for special occasions and once a week.  LOL!  We love pizza.  Can you tell?  Ok, I love pizza.  But the rest of my people do too, they just aren’t voicing it here.  It looks really pretty though, right? 

DSC_9570 Well, Monday must now begin.  I hear that both children are now UP.  Later!

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