Saturday, September 13, 2008

2 day recap

Well, I was on my way to town when Libby decided she didnt want to go anymore. Truth be told, I didnt really want to go that badly either, so we didnt argue about it. Of course, when I got back home and Eric took her out for a spin, she decided to work just fine for him. But I'm still not going. Its been raining here all day and feels like one of those days when you should just stay home, snuggle and make soup. So thats what we are doing.

Now for a recap. Apparently the lack of update yesterday had a few of you in an uproar. My apologies. I was busy finishing up the painting in the guest room so that I could dazzle you all with pictures today. The room isnt quite done yet - must be accessorized more - but for now, here are some pictures of it. This color is called Brown Teepee (or TP for those of you who prefer the juvenile version).

And here is the bathroom off of the guest room. Clearly, the pictures will be hung up as soon as my handy man gets around to doing it. And the walls not shown in this picture will be a lovely chocolate brown as soon as the painter recovers from painting the guest room.
The remainder of the afternoon yesterday was spent outdoors as it was a glorious fall day. Dylsie spent some quality time with his surrogate grandparents, Ingrid and Larry (our next door neighbors). First DD and Ingrid threw rocks into the lake. Then DD took Ingrid by the hand and took her out to the road to watch the tractors move dirt. Then DD and Ingrid went to Ingrid's house to wash his muddy hands and pick up a shovel to help Daddy with his Big Dig (the Big Dig is what I am now calling Eric's beach project - I have a feeling its going to take awhile - just as the Big Dig did in Boston). After that, we all joined forces and had a wonderful fall meal together. We had brats, beans, chili, sauerkraut cheese (which I thot was really good, Eric wasnt a fan) chips and some cold beers (DD had milk). Then, we decided it was a lovely evening for a fire. DD had his very first smore. I think, anyway? I don't recall him having one before, but I'm sure someone will call my bluff if I am wrong. Anyway, here are the pictures:

It seems as though I had something else to tell you all, but right now I am ready to wrap this thing up. Blogger is being a pain in the butt today, so I'm outta here! Ta ta for now!


  1. OK now I'm jealous of Ingrid!! was a crappy, rainy day here today too---tho. I spent most of it inside at the lovely Quester conv. am glad to be home!! will be fixing brat for our dinner soon---wish you were here!!

  2. Yummm... Smores. Does D ask for them now? I know I would!

  3. Oh, and Libby - who or should I say what is that? Did I miss the reference post?

  4. Libby is my car. She had a brief moment of not working properly. Shes cool now.

    No, surprisingly, he hasnt asked for more smores.....hmmmm

  5. I'm liking the updates, but when are you going to come and paint my pink walls???