Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday, Bloody Sunday!

Well, after a stiff (ok, not too stiff) Bloody Mary, I am ready to write this installment of the blog.  A recap of the weekend, if you will.

Gma and Gpa Wikoff are here.  Gma came back with us earlier this week to get started on her wedding gift for us.  Staining the deck.  This was not my idea, but Eric's.  Men have different gift ideas than women, as you all know.  But nonetheless, Gma Kim did it with a smile. 
Gpa came on Friday bearing gifts as well.  He brought the boat lift for U.B. Pimpin' so that she will have a nice home next summer.  No more driving down the road to put her in and out.  Hopefully it works out tho.  They (and by they, i mean, the men-folk) seem to think there
 might be a problem putting it in due to the shallowness of the water and the silt buildup.  Fortunately, there is a plan in the works amongst the neighbors to seek and destroy all weeds and wild rice (there goes our livelyhood!).  So perhaps next spring, there will be exciting news that the rice and weeds are gone and UB Pimpin' is IN!  Stay tuned....

We took a lovely drive around the lake this morning.  Fall colors have not happened yet, but they seem close.  Had to wear a coat this morning, if that tells you anything.  Sadly, there is a pants shortage, so both Dyls and I have been wearing the same cold weather outfits repeatedly Luckily, I have Eric to remind me that, "its not a fashion show."  I wonder if i'll ever get used to that notion?  (No fashion shows up here in Hillman?  What?!)  For the record, I wore my lovely new Jcrew dress.  And people seem to like it.  However, that means that its memorable so I might be screwed on that.  Time for shopping!  Kidding....Poppy.....sorta!  : )  

Anyway, we went to church this morning and DD was a very good boy.  The service ran a little long, but it was all very worth it (here is where Eric's input comes into the blog) b/c DD saw his very first play.  It was more of a skit, in my opinion.  Anyway, Eric says it compares well to the Guthrie.  I disagree.  If the pastor and the communion boy worked on their lines a bit more, then maybe.  But as far as I could tell - they both needed a little work to get to Guthrie caliber.  The Gideon man, on the other hand, was very good.  I liken him to a Sean Connery type of character.  

As for the rest of this Sunday Bloody Sunday, we will be taking the boat lift off the trailer (and by we - I mean, not me), reading the paper, messing around outside, painting the white racing stripe left by the movement of the kitchen cupboards (thanks Danny!), reading up on how to use our new fancy microwave (thanks Dad!) and bidding adieu to Gma and Gpa Wikoff.

Thanks for reading everyone!  Without our fans, none of this would be possible!


  1. Cupboards adjusted...whoa! It sounds like a busy weekend was had by all. I can only hope that UB Pimping will like his new home. A pimping boat like that needs to be admired by all the other boats you know!

  2. the cupboards and microwave look grrreat!! and the pic of DD and Gpa Daddy is precious!!