Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pecan Crusted Chicken and Brown TP

The guest room has now been painted a lovely shade of light brown. Brown Teepee, to be exact. I prefer to call it Brown TP tho. Is funnier that way. I think it looks pretty spiffy. Only 2 walls were painted. Who do you think I am - wonderwoman? I'm not THAT fast of a painter. Dylsie's nap ran short again, so I just barely finished the second coat on the two walls that I did get painted. I shall take a few pics of the room tomorrow once its been put back together and accessorized properly. So check back tomorrow for some pics to be added to this post. Perhaps I shall even get out the fall bedding just for the occasion! Woohoo! Cheap thrills, I know.

And for din din this evening, we had Pecan Crusted Chicken. Sounds good, right? It was. But I made it with Walmart chicken. In times of strife, people are driven to do stupid things - like purchase poultry from Walmart. Gross chicken! Dont buy chicken there! Anyway, will have to try it again with better chicken. The reason it was good regardless of the chicken - butter and buttermilk. Wuh oh! Calories galore! Oh well. Winter is coming and we must put on an extra layer for warmth.

Well, thats all I've got for today. The boys are outside stomping around on the saturated ground. This must mean I should mentally prepare for a dirty toddler to come through the door in an hour or so.

Adios readers!


  1. I've seeen this Brown TP and it looks grey to me.

  2. Oh shush! You know its brown! Quit trying to confuse our readers!

  3. I look forward to the pictures!! I heart the brown TP!!